In January, we announced Bas Bleu would be hosting our own 2016 presidential election, with your favorite literary characters as the candidates. We’ve narrowed your nominees down to six teams, and in the months leading up to Election Day in November, we’ll be presenting you with the candidates’ biographies, platform issues, and a schedule of campaign events.


Candidate Bio

Frodo Baggins was born in the Third Age, on September 22nd, 2968, to loving father Drogo Baggins and mother Primula Brandybuck. After the tragic death of his parents when he was only twelve years old, Frodo lived with his mother’s family and eventually was adopted by his cousin, Bilbo, who bequeathed Frodo both his house at Bag End and the infamous One Ring. A veteran and hero of the War of the Ring, Frodo is unafraid to carry the burdens of others, no matter the personal cost. During the war, Frodo found a loyal companion in his old gardener, Samwise Gamgee, who stuck with him through thick and thin, to the bitter end. Though Sam prefers to hear about adventures rather than live them, he never turns back from a task that needs doing. When Frodo announced his candidacy, there was no question that he would choose Sam as his running mate. Living proof that even small hands can carry out great deeds, they believe no problem is too insignificant, no cry or laugh should go unheard, and no meal should ever be missed.

All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.

Issues We Care About

Campaign Finance Reform
Every person in our land matters, and all should matter equally, whether they’re the lowliest Hobbit or the King himself in his shining palace. Too often, the call of gold can turn a man’s head, leading him to ignore those in most need of attention. We must be sure that every voice gets equal weight, regardless of the coins behind it.

Mandatory Vacation Time
One must work hard, yes, but one must also take the time to stop and appreciate the fruits of their labor. What good is it to toil all day in the fields and fens without pausing to enjoy the world around us?

Veteran Care
Even the longest-lasting peace can be shattered by the greed of evil men, and all may be called upon to fight. Those who raise sword and shield in defense of good should never be forgotten, not in this life nor the next.

Upcoming Campaign Events

Second Breakfast Food Drive at the Shire Green
Join Frodo and Sam at the Shire Green at 9:30 sharp on Wednesday morning to discuss their platform and enjoy a hearty spread of breakfast foods. Bring a donation of foodstuffs for the needy and receive a photo op with the candidates themselves!

Storytelling and Fireworks with Gandalf
Special guest Gandalf the White (once known as Gandalf the Grey) will entertain and enrapture with stories of great cunning, courage, and victory. Afterward, he will offer a display of his famous fireworks. This event is family friendly, so be sure to bring the little ones!

Tavern Sing-Along Fundraiser
Join Sam (along with friends Merry Brandybuck and Pippen Took) for a rousing round of pints and song at the Prancing Pony. Sing along with some of your favorite tavern songs, and hear a few new ones inspired by the journeys of Frodo and Sam! The tavern will donate a percentage of all proceeds to the campaign.


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