Since 2007, Bas Bleu’s editorial office has been housed at The Blue Horse, a refurbished warehouse in Atlanta that was once home to the Montag Brothers Paper Company factory. (Here’s the building today, with editors Ann Gregory and Christie Hall out front.)

Though they manufactured a variety of school supplies, Montag Brothers is best remembered for their iconic Blue Horse notebooks, which were standard issue for students in the 1950s and 60s. In our Spring 2013 issue, we debuted a four-pack of Blue Horse Composition Books. Ours are only reproductions, of course, but we thought you would enjoy them just the same…and we were right! In March, we received this charming letter from one of our customers, and we couldn’t resist sharing it with you:

NotebookDear Ann and Christie,

Your latest Bas Bleu catalog column re your Atlanta home in The Blue Horse nee The Montag Brothers Company paper factory touched a chord from my past. I do remember the old notebooks from my school days in the fifties. Mercy! Perhaps you’ve heard from other “blue stockings” also?

I wrote my first diary as a sixteen-year-old in the summer of 1957, in one of the BH spiral bound notebooks plus two others from another company. And, I still have them. As proof in fun, I am enclosing a copy of the front cover and the first page (as embarrassing as it is) for you.

first pageI have ordered your homage of the notebooks, of course, and will enjoy comparing them to my vintage 15-page volume which cost fifteen cents. What a hoot! Thank you for this diversion which compelled me to de-mothball my old Blue Horse for a ride into the past. 

I’m a devoted blue stocking who loves your frequent splendid offerings!

Warm regards,
Linda K. Floyd

Thank you, Linda. Your letter made our day!