We’ve all been there—the cocktail party, the business dinner, the boring car trip where conversation grinds to a halt within the first five minutes. That’s why we love the handy Chat Packs that you’ll find on page 21 of the Bas Bleu Summer 2013 issue. They’re packed with fun, interesting questions to get the conversational ball rolling. And who knows? You just may learn something surprising about the relative or coworker you thought you knew everything about!

With that in mind, the Bluestocking Salon invited Bas Bleu editors Christie Hall and Ann Gregory to take a seat and answer a dozen randomly selected questions from Chat Packs: Extremes. (Go big or go home, right?) Here’s what they had to say:

What is the oddest expression you’ve ever heard someone say?
Christie: I always thought it was funny when my grandmother said, “Well, that’s a fine how-do-you-do!”
Ann: This doesn’t quite answer the question, but I find it endlessly amusing that my husband uses the term “muffin” for both muffins and cupcakes. (Also, “dress” is a dress or a skirt and “napkin” is any sort of paper cleaning product.)

What do you think is the funniest sitcom in the history of television?
Christie: The Bob Newhart Show
Ann: The Office (British version)

What do you think are the three best flavors of ice cream ever created? (Think beyond chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry.)
Christie: Coffee, Butter Pecan, Fudge Brownie
Ann: Salted Caramel, Peppermint, Cookies and Cream

What movie have you watched the greatest number of times?
Christie: Ishtar—I think it’s hilarious! (Even if I’m the only one who does.)
Ann: Harold and Maude. It makes me laugh and cry every time.

What book has had the greatest impact on the way you think or live?
Christie: To Kill a Mockingbird. I identified with tomboy Scout and admired Atticus’s integrity.
Ann: The Catcher in the Rye had a big effect on me at a transformative time in my life, so I’ll go with that one. But there are many!

What is the most lost you’ve ever been in a big city?
Christie: I’ve gotten lost with my dog in several large Atlanta parks. Once we came out on the absolute opposite side from where we went in and had to hitchhike several miles back to the car. (Yes, some kind soul picked both of us up!)
Ann: Probably when I arrived in Amsterdam and attempted to find my hotel by myself. All the consonant-laden street names started to look the same.

What is your biggest as-yet unrealized dream in life?
Christie: Open an art gallery/music venue.
Ann: Write a book!

What is the single best piece of advice you’ve ever received?
Christie: Stay positive.
Ann: Hitch your trailer to the stars, but live within your means (paraphrased from lots of advice from my dad).

What foreign country that you have not already visited would you most like to visit during your lifetime?
Christie: Iceland
Ann: Japan

Which professional sport in the hardest for you to get excited about?
Christie: Tennis is the only pro sport I get excited about.
Ann: Baseball. So many slow-moving innings…and so many games a year.

Besides a new house or a new vehicle, what is the single most expensive purchase you would make if you won a million dollars tomorrow?
Christie: Indoor/outdoor pool and hot tub
Ann: A boat! And then I’ll need a lake house…

What or who is your favorite children’s movie character of all time?
Christie: Baloo the Bear (from The Jungle Book)
Ann: Jiminy Cricket

Go on and try a few of these icebreakers the next time your dinner conversation stalls out. You never know: Maybe your boss will confess an affinity for singing bears too!