Because this blogger has spent the past two weeks feverishly completing reading assignments and writing copy for Bas Bleu’s upcoming Fall catalog—which, by the way, will be amazing—today’s blog post is going to be short and sweet.

As bluestockings, we have been known to press our favorite books into the hands of friends (and sometimes strangers) and say, “Drop what you’re doing, go home, and read this. Right now.” That’s the basic idea behind our catalog: We read stuff, and if we like it, we recommend it to you. It’s as simple as that.

So it’s no wonder we love the idea behind the Little Free Libraries that are popping up in neighborhoods around the country. This one was spotted in front of a home in downtown Charleston, South Carolina:


The rules are pretty straightforward: “Take a book…Leave a book…Or both.”

Here’s one in New York:

NYC Stereotank

NYC interior

And a cleverly named barn-shaped one in Wisconsin:

Barns Noble Books

A similar idea was hatched by an architect named John Locke, who was seeking to make Manhattan’s all-but-obsolete public pay phones useful again. In his words: “[Books are] the greatest things ever, and everyone should have more.” Hear, hear!

HUB book booth

We’re not officially endorsing the Little Free Library organization. But anyone who makes it easier for folks to share the books they love with one another is okay in our, well, book.