book favorsWith Christmas right around the corner*, you’re probably wondering why we’ve chosen mid-December to blog about weddings. Two reasons: First, a beloved member of the Bas Bleu family recently said “I do,” leaving us all feeling pretty sentimental. Second, weddings take time to plan, people! And if the happy couple you know has any chance of pulling together a literature-themed wedding by summer, they had better start planning NOW. Whether designing the entire day around a single beloved book or simply sprinkling bibliophilic touches throughout, what better way is there for bluestockings in love to begin an exciting new chapter of their lives?

(As per usual, a disclosure: We gleaned most of these ideas from a variety of blogs and websites. So while we’d love to take the credit when your guests dub yours the best wedding ever, we must give credit where credit is due. We’ve linked to the original sites when possible.)

The Proposal
If you’re in the wedding-planning stages, you’ve already tackled this key point in the process. But we couldn’t overlook these lovely methods for popping the question:

ring in book

This guy proposed to his Harry Potter-loving girlfriend by hiding a diamond inside a copy of J. K. Rowling’s modern classic Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. His chapter of choice? “The Unbreakable Vow.”

bookish proposal

This Etsy artist hand-letters proposals that can be tucked inside your beloved’s current page-turner.

The Invitations
Your clever literary decorations will be all for naught if no one’s there to see them! Take a page from these creative designers and brides-to-be to craft an unforgettable invite for your friends and family.

library card StD

Library check-out card save the dates

Penguin invitation

This graphic designer creates wedding invitations based on the covers of Penguin classics.

other book invite

This wedding “book” details the happy couple’s meeting and courtship, ending with an invitation to their wedding.

book invite

This imaginative DIY bride (and her loyal friends and family) repurposed dozens of old books as wedding invitations. We know how many of you feel about the destruction of any book, but you must admit this is pretty ingenious recycling for those volumes destined for the trash!

The Ceremony
Location, location, location! Imagine saying “I do” surrounded by books in a quaint local bookstore or library. If your county branch isn’t terribly photogenic, investigate historic homes or other buildings that may be willing to rent out their bookish spaces.

library wedding

How beautiful is THIS?

book arch

If you can’t snag the entire library for your big day, bring a bookish flair to whatever space you choose.

The Reception
Maybe your mother has strong opinions about a theme wedding, or maybe you simply prefer a subtle touch. Here are several lovely methods for infusing your reception site with your love of literature.

bookmark assignments

Guide guests to their seats with handy keepsake bookmarks that double as table assignments.

card catalog place settings

Or invite them to search for their table assignments in a vintage card catalog.

In lieu of numbering the reception tables, try naming them after:

author place card

famous authors…

book table card

favorite novels…

Gatsby table name

or literary lovers.

Or place colorful hardcovers among flowers and candles to serve as centerpieces.

floral centerpiece

Like this.

book stack

Or this.

candle centerpiece

Or even this.

If going the wedding-favor route, skip the miniature picture frames and bags of Jordan almonds. Instead, browse used bookstores for secondhand classics. Wrap them up as favors or have them double as place cards (and conversation starters).

other book favors

The Cake
Because let’s face it: This is really why people show up at the reception. (Well, it’s why I show up.)


This cake o’books includes “titles” based on 1 Corinthians 13.

cake with words

You could always opt for a traditionally shaped cake, decorated with your favorite literary quotations about love.

GameofThrones cake

How about a wedding cake designed around the theme of your favorite book? Which in this case happens to be George R.R. Martin’s Game of Thrones. 

The Dress
As for this? This is commitment to theme.

wedding dressHappy wedding planning!


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