Happy birthday, Bluestocking Salon! You’re one year old today. (They grow up so fast, don’t they?) Some of you may remember we launched this blog in 2013 with Bas Bleu’s Tournament of Classics, a literary take on the NCAA’s annual March Madness extravaganza. The result was a battle royale so intense that, in honor of the Bluestocking Salon’s big 0-1, we decided to play again!

This time around, Bas Bleu’s “big dance” is all about the kids, a tribute to the enduring legacy of classic children’s picture books. Below you’ll find our customized bracket of titles (click to enlarge). [This post has been updated with the final bracket.]


2014 Championship

It’s up to you to decide which of the Sweet Sixteen contenders will advance to the Elite Eight. Cast your votes below by clicking the button next to your book choice, then clicking “Vote.” We’ll announce the winners of each round on Facebook and let you know when it’s time to vote again.

A few rules/disclaimers:

  1. We love how passionate y’all are about reading. But keep it clean, folks: No throwing elbows, no shoving, and most definitely no bribing the officials (who like dark chocolate, craft beer, and gift cards, in case anyone’s wondering).
  2. These competitors were chosen by popular opinion, not statistics, and we couldn’t possibly include all of the worthy contenders. There are just too many great children’s books out there! But it’s a good problem to have, right?
  3. While we’d love to award a billion-dollar purse for the perfect bracket, the only prize here is a confirmation of your own good taste. And if our bracket inspires you and the wee bluestockings you know to explore a never-read classic or to revisit an old favorite, all the better!

If you have any questions, we’ll be right over here snarfing down some birthday cupcakes.

Let the tournament begin!