vintage-libraryYou may not know it, but this week is National Library Week. And here at the Bluestocking Salon, we think that’s worth celebrating.

Which probably leads you to ask: What business does a bookseller have singing the praises of public libraries? Libraries hand out books for free; Bas Bleu…does not. Isn’t that a conflict of interest?

Heck, no!

Because we’d be willing to bet good money that most of you bluestockings cut your literary teeth at a public library. We certainly did. Even if we were lucky enough to have books at home when we were kids, the library is where we went when our parents were sick of reading the same bedtime stories over and over again. It’s where we shopped for books when we were old enough to choose our own adventures but too allowance-poor to buy them. The library is where we first realized the staggering scope of the book world, first sniffed the centuries and universes and secret lives awaiting discovery within those Dewey-decimaled tomes.

As our literary appetites became voracious, the librarians who worked within those hallowed stacks served as mystical guides, steering us from one book to the next with an “If you liked this, you’ll love this.” Before Google, those same librarians served as human search engines for science projects, book reports, and term papers. They proved to us that we didn’t need money or a passport or a time machine to explore the world; we only needed books and a quiet corner in which to read them. The library had both in spades.

At Bas Bleu, we love our customers. You’re the reason we do what we do, and we appreciate each and every order you place with us. We’ve been selling books for more than twenty years, and we hope to sell them for at least twenty more. But we wouldn’t be the readers we are today without libraries, and for that we will be eternally grateful.