Summer Reading List 2014

beach readerAs you read this, our Summer 2014 issue is moseying its way to your mailbox, expected to land in your hot little hands just in time for the weekend. (Well, next weekend. This issue is pretty laidback and tends to take the scenic route.) Inside those pages you’ll find a wealth of great books that are just begging you to drop whatever you’re doing, kick back, and dive in.  Continue reading

On Love and Marriage

Love OrnamentNext month, one of our editors will officiate a wedding, a situation for which she has been granted a terrifying amount of leeway. To prepare, she did what any self-respecting bluestocking would do: scoured novels and poetry collections to mine the romantic musings of writers more expert than she. Now we’re offering up a baker’s dozen of her literary discoveries for your benefit. Continue reading

Bookish Babies

Little BookwormHere at Bas Bleu we’re happily awaiting the arrival of a new baby bluestocking, and the impending delivery reminded us: It’s never too early to share our love of books with our children—no matter how young they are!

Baby Names
Like a parent’s love, your child’s moniker will be one of the few things in life he or she cannot escape. It will precede its bearer into school, a job, even relationships, often serving as the very first impression that person makes. Family names are swell (we have more than a few in our office), but we’re also partial to those who owe their staying power to a really great book. Continue reading

May Book a Month: Fear in the Sunlight

FearinSunlightAs part of our 2014 Book a Month program, each month we’re offering discussion questions about the featured work—for book clubs as well as thoughtful individuals. You may use the questions to reflect back on each book once you’ve finished it or to guide you as you read. Either way, we hope these features will enrich your reading experience. (We’ll do our best to avoid plot spoilers, but you should proceed with caution!)

In real life, Josephine Tey, star of our May selection, Fear in the Sunlight, was something of a mystery. Born Elizabeth MacKintosh, she penned plays and novels under the pseudonyms Gordon Daviot and Josephine Tey. Though her work was heralded during her lifetime, little is known about the Scotswoman who, according to novelist Nicola Upson, “was fascinated by identity and who played so successfully with her own.” That fluid relationship with identity is key to this psychological thriller—the fourth in Upson’s mystery series starring Tey—in which Josephine and friends travel to a luxurious Welsh resort for a birthday celebration, only to find themselves rubbing shoulders with filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock…and a diabolical killer. Continue reading