Just because it’s Wednesday and we want you to have nice things, we’ve put together a care package of literary treats to distract you on this hot summer day. From handmade customer gifts and tips for organizing your bookshelves to chuckle-worthy songs about classic books, you’re bound to find something fun in the mix!

Rita bookmarks

Awesome customers: We’re starting off with this photo of personalized bookmarks, sewn for our editorial staff by one of our amazing readers. Her accompanying note reminded us that “you can never have too many bookmarks.” Call us biased, but this is just one of the reasons Bas Bleu’s customers are the best around!

DesignSponge Bookshelf

Decorating with Books: Personally, we can’t imagine having extra space on our bookshelves once we’ve squeezed in all of our books. (Really, it’s becoming a problem.) But in case your shelves are bigger than ours, here are a few eye-catching suggestions for styling your bookshelves.

Books in Music: To every woman out there on a quest for her own Mr. Darcy, the Doubleclicks take Jane Austen and Colin Firth to task for skewing our romantic expectations…and they’re pretty funny about it! “Oh Colin Firth/you wily old bastard/you wonderful specimen/you messed up the hearts of young girls round the earth.” (If you like that one, check out “Call Me Ishmael,” a Moby-Dick parody set to the tune of last summer’s runaway pop hit “Call Me Maybe.”)

Imitation, Flattery, Etc.: Think you have what it takes to write a bestselling novel? Try this fun website on for size. Just copy a block of your own writing—be it a short story, a diary entry, or even just an e-mail—and paste it into the website to find out which writer you write like. For the record, my three copy blocks earned me comparisons to William Shakespeare, H. P. Lovecraft, and…Dan Brown. Fun? Yes. Scientific? Not so much.

For Love of Language: If your summer travels are taking you to a state far from your usual stomping grounds, you may encounter some accents or dialects you haven’t heard before. Because we’re fascinated by all aspects of language—written and spoken—we wanted you to see this awesome map of American and Canadian dialects.

Keep it cool, bluestockings!