It seems like just yesterday Bas Bleu was firing up the grill for Memorial Day, yet kids across the country already are heading back to school. While we don’t envy them their math tests, history papers, or gym classes, we are a little jealous thinking about all of the amazing books they’ll discover this year.

But never fear! Just because you aren’t packing fresh pencils and a new Trapper Keeper into your bag this week doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a pile of amazing new books at your fingertips. As you read this, our Autumn 2014 issue is winging its way toward your mailbox, jam-packed with great books that are just the thing to keep you up reading long past your bedtime.

While you sit waiting for the mailman to arrive, check out our Back-to-School Reading List for 2014. For a brief “teaser,” hover your mouse pointer over the book cover; or, click on the image to read the full review on our website. (Did you notice? recently got a little spruce-up!)

  Late Starters Orchestra Before I Go to Sleep

Dear Life  Physics for Rock Stars  Along Those Lines

Around the World  The Fishing Fleet  Not to Be Missed

Max Tudor  Sylvester  The Secret Rooms

Happy reading, bluestockings!