It’s been a tough winter. More than one hundred inches of snow in Boston. Record cold temperatures in Cleveland. Torrential rains in California. Grim gray skies here in Atlanta. We’re sick of it, and so we say groundhogs be damned! Bas Bleu is officially proclaiming the arrival of spring!

Or, at least, the arrival of our Spring 2015 catalog. (Turns out we don’t control the weather. Who knew?) The new edition is winging its way to your mailbox as you read this, scheduled to land next week and deliver a much-needed dose of sunshine and cheer to your frozen soul. To warm you while you wait, we’re offering a sneak peek at a dozen of the freshly picked books you’ll find in our Spring issue, which is also packed with plenty of great gifts. For a brief “teaser,” hover your mouse pointer over the book cover; or, click on the image to read the full review on our website.


Fever  H Is for Hawk   Boys in the Boat

Cleaner of Chartres  Under the Wide and Starry Sky  Fifty Year Silence

  Impersonator  Elizabeth Is Missing

Happy reading, bluestockings! And be sure to keep a close (or, closer than usual) eye on the Bluestocking Salon this month; we’ll be announcing the seeds for our third annual March Madness Tournament of Classics very soon!