So that was interesting.

The first round of this year’s Bas Bleu Tournament of Classics closed yesterday, and while we can’t say there were any shocking upsets, we can say that when it comes to your favorite mystery classics, y’all aren’t messing around! Patricia Highsmith and Dorothy Sayers were both thoroughly schooled by Agatha Christie (they don’t call that dame the “queen of crime” for nothing), Dashiell Hammett’s Sam Spade left Raymond Chandler’s Philip Marlowe to drown his sorrows in a bottle, and Rebecca de Winter…well, let’s just say that even in death that woman just. Won’t. Quit.

2015 bracket E8

But just as a crafty criminal picks off his victims one by one, our newly crowned Elite Eight won’t have much time to rest on their laurels. You still have choices to make, bluestockings: Who will make it to the Final Four? You have until Sunday, March 29 to vote below!