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We have the best customers in the book business. Hands down. Bar none. Without a doubt. You share our passion for books and reading, and you’ve supported our quirky little catalog for more than two decades. And for twenty-one years, our readers have sent us wonderful letters and e-mails, even scribbling little notes in the margins of Bas Bleu order forms. Those kind words delight us and, on more than one occasion, have boosted our flagging spirits. Today in the Bluestocking Salon, we thought you might enjoy reading some of the wonderful messages we’ve received over the years. We can’t possibly include them all, but here are a few of our favorites:

“I think your catalog ought to come with a warning. For those in jeopardy of completely losing oneself in making decisions as to which book to order, this catalog may cause severe stress by not ordering the inventory of the entire catalog.”

“We ordered 97 Ways to Make a Dog Smile from you as a Christmas gift for our granddogs in Georgia. Just before we received it, Molly, the Belgian Malinois, was diagnosed with cancer and given a very short time to live. We quickly sent the book off, and our just-turned-seven granddaughter Shannon put it right to use, making Molly’s last days happy.…[Molly’s] gone now, and Shannon is greatly comforted by the many things out of the book that she was able to do for Molly in her last weeks. Thanks for having just the right book at the just the right time.”

“What a delightful catalog! I want one of each! And now—nothing gets done at home. I’ll be reading…”

“Before reading the Bas Bleu catalogues, I had never heard of Margery Allingham….Thank you, Bas Bleu, for these suggestions for books I might have never read or heard of without you.”

“I am a high school student and voracious reader who looks forward eagerly to receiving your catalogue every month. The varied selection of merchandise and astute comments about them always helps me find titles that are engaging, interesting, and sometimes just plain fun….I’ve always particularly enjoyed the fact that your books—while not being exactly obscure, are often slightly unusual—not always what’s on the best-seller list, or the shelf at Barnes & Noble.”

From children’s book author Mary Lyn Ray, who sent us this sweet note in January:

“In the weeks around Christmas, I didn’t have time to really savor the Bas Bleu catalogues, but the new one that came two days ago, I could. And there was Go to Sleep, Little Farm! Thank you so very much for including it. I hope it will sell for you. And I hope, too, that it brings readers (or those read to) good dreams of their own.”

And the letter that never fails to make us laugh:

“Your catalog should be illegal. Books are to me what Jack Daniels is to an alcoholic. How did your wretched little catalog find its way into my mailbox? I’m sitting here trying to figure out a way to mortgage my house, sell my car, swap my children’s birthrights (I’m too old to sell my body or my virtue…of which I have none) so that I can purchase one of everything and two or three or some of the others. I’ll be back when I figure it out.”

Like we said: Y’all are The Best.