Literary Charleston

Charleston Skyline

Wherever you live, it’s a good bet your heart has been in Charleston, South Carolina, over these past few days. And whether you have personal ties to the city or you only visited that one summer years ago, there’s no denying it is a unique and complex place.

Because we’re book people and because we’ve been talking a lot about Charleston in the Bas Bleu office this week, we’ve drawn up a short (and not at all comprehensive) list of some of the writers who have—for better or for worse—immortalized the coastal city and the surrounding Lowcountry in their writings. Some of these authors are life-long Charlestonians; others are transplants “from off” (as the locals say) who succumbed to the Holy City’s charms. All reflect the powerful storytelling tradition that is a hallmark of Southern literature, and many incorporate the creole language and culture of the region’s Gullah people. Continue reading

June 2015 Book a Month: The Coroner’s Lunch

The Coroner's LunchAs part of Bas Bleu’s 2015 Book a Month program, each month we’re offering discussion questions, author interviews, or other bonus materials to enrich your reading experience—for book clubs as well as thoughtful individuals. (We’ll do our best to avoid plot spoilers, but you should proceed with caution!)

Our customers lead us to some great reads! June’s selection, The Coroner’s Lunch, came to our attention via a Reader Review from Jean Albright of Indianapolis, Indiana. (Interested in submitting your own review? Scroll down for more info!) We’re grateful to Ms. Albright for introducing us to the delightfully cantankerous coroner-sleuth Dr. Siri. We hope you enjoyed the debut of this unconventional mystery series as much as we did! Continue reading

Summer Reading List 2015

beach babe mosaic

School’s out, the pool is open, and the iced tea is nice and frosty. What more do you need to enjoy the long, hot, lazy days of summer? A fresh stack of terrific new books! This year, whether you’re hitting the road on vacation or sticking close to home, you’ll find plenty of great new reads and fun gifts to choose from in Bas Bleu’s Summer 2015 issue. Even better, we’re offering some seriously cool sales—because it’s too hot to pay full price! Continue reading