Our Holiday 2015 catalog is due to land on your doorstep any day now (if it hasn’t already), and among the amazing gifts packed into its pages you’ll find not one, but three Book a Month packages for the coming year! For those of you who aren’t familiar with Bas Bleu’s Book a Month program, the premise is simple: Treat your favorite bibliophile (who may be you!) to an entire year’s worth of terrific books, choosing between six- or twelve-month packages that we ship either all at once or on a monthly basis throughout 2016.

As we do every year, we’re offering our bestselling Bluestocking Book a Month package, an eclectic collection of top-notch fiction and nonfiction. But for the first time ever, we’re offering two additional options for 2016: the Life Stories package (filled with fascinating biographies, autobiographies, and memoirs) and the Mysteries package (a spine-tingling mixture of whodunits, thrillers, even a ghost story!).

Each month in 2016 here at the Bluestocking Salon, we’ll offer discussion questions, interviews, or other supplemental information about that month’s Bluestocking Book a Month selection—for book clubs as well as thoughtful individual readers. It’s the ultimate literary gift that keeps giving all year round! Check out all three Book a Month packages below; you can hover your mouse over the cover image for a teaser, or click to read the full description on our website. We can’t allow substitutions for any of the titles in each package, but all thirty-six books are available for individual purchase, if you’d like to pick and choose for yourself. One final note: We will only be able to accept orders for ship-monthly Book a Month packages through December 25, 2015.

 Due to an unforeseen supply problem, the selection for October is now A Dark-Adapted Eye instead of The Man Who Bought London (we apologize for any inconvenience).

And now without further ado…

Bluestocking Book a Month:

Girl Waits With GunReceptionist

The Distant Marvels Murder at the Brightwell    When Books Went to War    And Then Came Paulette

Cassandra-at-the-Wedding     The Witches    A-View-of-the-Harbour         Oh My America    Red Notebook

Life Stories Book a Month:

Daughters of the Samurai    Paper Love    Romanov SistersMichelangelo   Phantom of Fifth Avenue    Censoring Queen VictoriaLost Detective   Dog Who Could Fly    Shepherds LifeMy Salinger Year      Journal of Helene Berr      Autobiography of Eleanor Roosevelt

Mysteries Book a Month:

DEATH_CHAMBER_FINAL_M&G.indd   Shadow of Death   Zig Zag Girl Various Haunts of Men   Black Eyed Blonde  Last Detective Jamaica Inn   Hunting Shadows   Skeleton CrewThis House is Haunted    Quiet Dell  Big Book of Sherlock Holmes

Happy reading, bluestockings!