Every March, as the country goes bracket-crazy for basketball, Bas Bleu celebrates March Madness with our own nail-biting, buzzer-busting, book-based Tournament of Classics! In years past, we’ve concentrated on the books themselves—novels, children’s stories, mysteries and thrillers. But this year, we’re taking the tournament to another level, diving deep into literature to pit our favorite villains against one another in a “big dance” for the ages!

As competitors go, you’ll never meet a more devious, dastardly, devilish bunch. (Seriously: The devil himself is a contestant.) But for once in their nefarious lives, these villains aren’t calling the shots, dear reader; you are. It’s up to you to decide which of the Sweet Sixteen contenders will advance to the Elite Eight. Cast your votes below by clicking the button next to your character choice, then clicking “Vote.” We’ll announce the winners of each round on Facebook and let you know when it’s time to vote again.

Now for the fine print, aka rules and disclaimers:

  1. We run a clean game here, folks, no matter how shifty the villains in our bracket are. That means no stuffing the ballot box, no insulting the voters or players, and no bribing the judges with anything other than the highest-quality chocolate and champagne.
  1. These competitors were chosen by unscientific popular opinion, not sales or statistics, so we hope you’ll take it in stride if your favorite antagonist didn’t earn a seed. We always welcome reading suggestions in the comments, but please be a good sport about it.
  1. Alas, there are not great riches to be won here. At least, none beyond bragging rights and fantastic reading suggestions. But a bluestocking’s “To Read” list is probably worth its weight in gold!

Now let the games begin!