In January, we announced Bas Bleu would be hosting our own 2016 presidential election, with your favorite literary characters as the candidates. We’ve narrowed your nominees down to six teams, and in the months leading up to Election Day in November, we’ll be presenting you with the candidates’ biographies, platform issues, and a schedule of campaign events.


Candidate Bio

Huckleberry “Huck” Finn was born in St. Petersburg, Missouri, son to a Pap who learned him all too well the sting of poverty and violence. When an act of heroism alongside his friend Tom Sawyer resulted in a financial windfall, Huck was taken in by the Widow Douglas, who was determined to sivilize him and make him respectable. But money ain’t nothing when a boy’s freedom is on the line, so to save his neck Huck lit out. Fate threw him together with his future running mate, Jim, an escaped slave whose good sense and good morals saved Huck’s skin on more than one occasion. A student of the school of life, Huck has traveled the United States, entertained European dukes and dauphins, survived a blood feud, and died and been brought back to life (twice). He learned the hard way that humans can be awful cruel to one another, and now he plans to do something about it.

For what you want, above all things, on a raft, is for everybody to be satisfied, and feel right and kind towards others.

Issues We Care About

Preserving America’s Waterways
Persons attempting to pollute our nation’s rivers, streams, lakes, and oceans with trash, chemicals, or invasive species will be prosecuted.

Racial Discrimination
Persons attempting to judge others by the color of their skin instead of the letter of the law and the dictates of human decency will be banished.

Domestic Abuse and Child Abuse
Persons attempting to do physical harm to women or children will be shot.

Upcoming Campaign Events

Kids’ Campout
Little adventurers are invited to bring their sleeping bags and s’mores fixins for a campout on Jackson’s Island. Fish for your supper, enjoy campfire stories, and practice wilderness safety and basic survival skills. There will even be a chance to build rafts for the raft-racing competition!

Race in America Two-Day Seminar
Racism is an ugly stain on American history and culture, a stain that persists long after slavery was abolished. Join us for a two-day seminar at which our nation’s leading scholars, journalists, and civil-rights advocates share their expertise about Americans’ ongoing struggles for racial equality.

Mississippi River Clean Up
Grab your gloves and pull on your boots: Every Saturday morning we welcome volunteers to help us do our part to clear debris from the Mighty Mississippi. A clean river is a healthy river!