Lessons on Love and Life from Georgette Heyer

We must confess: It wasn’t love at first sight when we “met” Georgette Heyer…or, rather, her novels. But in true Heyer fashion, we just needed time to share a few laughs and get to know her better; before long, all of us at Bas Bleu were smitten! Because while Heyer’s historical fiction is firmly entrenched in place and time (usually Regency England), her clever and amusing tales of romance, human foibles, and society shenanigans can teach us all a thing or two about love and life. In honor of that magnificent lady’s birthday on August 16, we’ve compiled a list of sixteen lessons—some more practical than others!—learned from her bestselling novels.

1. Speak up, ladies! A wilting flower never gets picked.

2. A sensible woman who can handle a crisis is worth her weight in gold.

3. Don’t waste your time on a man who can’t handle his whip.

4. A marriage of convenience just may turn into the ride of your life—in a high-perch phaeton, no less.

5. Cross-dressing can be a real turn on.

6. Don’t write off that good-looking cousin; he just may be the man of your dreams!

7. Money troubles? No worries: If you’re a quick-witted, warmhearted, fresh-faced beauty, your luck will be changing any…minute…now…

8. A man too frequently in his cups is more trouble than he’s worth.

9. Don’t worry about being “on the shelf;” you’re a not a spinster until you’re at least 28.

10. Manners matter, but reputations are overrated.

11. Beware a man who wears too many fobs and seals—it will take him longer than you to get ready for the ball.

12. Meddling matrons are the worst matchmakers.

13. Of course you can make that bad boy good…just as soon as he realizes he’s met his match.

14. The most saturnine of men is only looking for the right woman to turn his frown upside down.

15. The best place to meet an eligible bachelor is while trespassing on a grand country estate. Bonus points if it’s his grand country estate, which he recently inherited from a crotchety old uncle.

16. Forget love at first sight; proven friends make the best partners.


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