One of the downsides of modern technology is that most of our correspondence is done via email, text message, and other computerized methods. Yes, they’re cheap and convenient, but digital messages don’t lend themselves to being secreted away in shoeboxes, pasted into scrapbooks, or lovingly tucked inside our favorite books. Not to mention they provide nothing tangible for later generations, who can glean surprising insight into the hearts and lives of those who came before them by reading their letters. So in honor of Love Note Day next week on September 26, Bas Bleu is challenging you to put pen to paper and write a letter to someone you love expressing how much they mean to you.

Love comes in many forms. If you have a special someone to whom you want to direct an amorous missive, by all means do so! Use this opportunity to fan the flame of your long-term partnership, turn up the heat in a new relationship, or take a chance on telling someone you’ve long admired how you feel. But you may also choose to send your love note to:

  • your best friend, who’s stuck by you through thick and thin
  • your grandchild (or grandparent!)
  • the colleague who makes your work days fun
  • the high-school classmate with whom you’ve lost touch
  • the neighbor who mowed your lawn or delivered hot meals when you were grieving a loss, recovering from an illness, or juggling a new baby
  • the teacher or coach who believed in you when it felt like no one else did

These are only a few suggestions; the possibilities are endless! Saying “thank you” or “I love you” in person or over the phone is wonderful, but we know just how much it means to open the mailbox and find a surprise handwritten message of love or appreciation. So on September 26 (or any day of the year!), go old-school and write a heartfelt letter to someone near and dear to you. We suspect that scrap of paper will be treasured for years to come!