In January, we announced Bas Bleu would be hosting our own 2016 presidential election, with your favorite literary characters as the candidates. We’ve narrowed your nominees down to six teams, and in the months leading up to Election Day in November, we’ll be presenting you with the candidates’ biographies, platform issues, and a schedule of campaign events.


Candidate Bio

Atticus Finch was born at Finch’s Landing in Maycomb County, Alabama, the eldest child of Amasa and Nelle Finch. He is a direct descendent of Simon Finch, who fled religious persecution in England to establish himself as a cotton farmer in the American South. After graduating from the University of Alabama School of Law, Atticus rejected several lucrative offers from firms in Memphis and New Orleans, opting instead to practice law in Maycomb, where he raised his two children following the death of his beloved wife, Louise Graham Finch. After serving in the state legislature, Atticus made headlines around the country with his defense of the late Tom Robinson, igniting controversy throughout Maycomb County and reinforcing his resolve to see things through no matter what. His experiences among America’s most vulnerable have led Atticus to believe he has a moral duty to promote liberty and justice for all, while his keen understanding of human nature and healthy disdain for popular opinion have earned him both admiration and ire. Through it all, his resolve never wavers. His running mate, Jean Louise “Scout” Finch has praised Atticus’s “real courage” in the face of gun violence and racial injustice, lauding his sterling character and reputation across the state of Alabama. In a recent campaign stop at the Southern Poverty Law Center, Scout spoke movingly about growing up with “the man who, when he passes, people stand up…a man to whom the people who know him pay the highest tribute: trusting him to do what’s right.”

The one thing that doesn’t abide by majority rule is a person’s conscience.

Issues We Care About

Civil Rights
There’s just one kind of folks in this world: folks. And they all deserve the same basic rights, no matter the color of their skin. Yet a battle for equality has raged for centuries in the United States, fueled by hatred, prejudice, and ignorance. To protect and defend the rights of all Americans, we will fight the smart fight, keeping our heads high and our fists down.

Care for the Vulnerable
Most people are real nice, when you finally see them. Unfortunately, the disabled, elderly, and mentally ill too often live on the periphery of American society. We believe the Boo Radleys among us have much good to offer our communities and deserve our care and support. We invite them all onto the porch to set a spell.

Paid Parental Leave
Children are the future of our nation, and their parents their most important teachers. So why does our culture demand mothers and fathers choose between providing for their families and actually spending time with them? Advanced societies around the world offer comprehensive, nationwide parental leave policies—to women and men, two-parent households as well as single parents. We believe America can, too.

Upcoming Campaign Events

“Inside of His Skin”
For one night only, the Maycomb County Players presents “Inside of His Skin,” a special two-act drama written by Jem Finch and Dill Baker and inspired by the real-life events of the Tom Robinson trial. Afterwards, Miss Maudie Atkinson and Reverend Sykes will moderate a discussion about good and evil, empathy, and justice in American communities. Proceeds from the evening’s event will benefit The Innocence Project and Legal Aid Alabama.

Save the Mockingbirds
We’re partnering with the American Birding Association for a fun, family-friendly afternoon designed to teach kids and adults the importance of wildlife conservation. Attendees will learn to identify twenty different birdsongs, take aim in our Tin Can Shooting Alley, and decorate mockingbird-shaped sugar cookies (courtesy of Cookies By Calpurnia).

Cross-Town Potluck
Pack up your picnic blanket and bake Mama’s signature pie: You’re invited to the annual Cross-Town Potluck Supper! Held every September in the Maycomb town square, this popular community event has only three rules: no liquor, no store-bought fried chicken, and no sitting with anyone you know! That’s right, folks; it’s your chance to make new friends when you sit down and break bread with the strangers who share your hometown. How can we love our neighbors if we don’t know them?



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