Our 2017 Book a Month Packages Are Here!


Our Holiday 2016 catalog is arriving in mailboxes any minute now, and among the amazing gifts packed into its pages you’ll find our Book a Month packages for the coming year! For those of you who aren’t familiar with Bas Bleu’s Book a Month program, the premise is simple: Treat your favorite bibliophile (who may be you!) to an entire year’s worth of terrific books, shipped either all at once or on a monthly basis throughout 2017.

life-stories-book-a-month-2017For the second year, we’re offering not one, but three Book a Month packages. Our bestselling Bluestocking Book a Month package is an eclectic collection of top-notch fiction and nonfiction, while the Life Stories package is filled with fascinating biographies, autobiographies, and memoirs. But this year we’re offering a twist on our Mysteries package! Yes, we’ve compiled another spine-tingling mixture of whodunits and thrillers…but we’re keeping their titles and authors secret until they arrive on your doorstep! After all, mystery mavens hate to have the surprise spoiled too early, right?

Mysteries Book a Month 2017Each month of 2017 here at the Bluestocking Salon, we’ll offer discussion questions, interviews, or other supplemental information about that month’s Bluestocking Book a Month selection—for book clubs as well as thoughtful individual readers. It’s the ultimate literary gift that keeps giving all year round! Check out all the Bluestocking and Life Stories Book a Month titles below; you can hover your mouse over the cover image for a teaser, or click to read the full description on our website. And for the Mysteries package, we’re offering you teasers about each novel, to whet your appetite!

Please note: We can’t allow substitutions for any of the titles in each package, but all of the books from the Bluestocking and Life Stories packages are available for individual purchase, if you’d like to pick and choose for yourself. We will only be able to accept orders for ship-monthly Book a Month packages through December 25, 2016.

Bluestocking Book a Month

tisha lilac-girls laura Layout 1 Roth_9781101872574_cvr_all_r1.indd long-winded-lady evening-of-the-holiday Haru_9781101911921_cvr_all_r2.indd Clementine_JKF_WIP07.indd whom-the-gods-love Layout 1 man-called-ove

Life Stories Book a Month

six hc mech.indd testament-of-youth 9780143107880_Bettyville_CVF.indd queen-victorias-mysterious-daughter spy-among-friends gord_9780812980479_cvr_all_r2.indd Wulf_9780345806291_cvr_all_r2.indd twenty-letters-to-a-friend lives-of-margaret-fuller ill-drink-to-that plantagenets santa-claus-man

Mysteries Book a Month

We won’t reveal the titles of the delightful cozies, classic whodunits, new literary thrillers, and modern ghost stories in this suspenseful package, but we will give you a few clues…

january  february  march  april  may  june  july  august  september  october  november  december

As always, happy reading, bluestockings!

31 thoughts on “Our 2017 Book a Month Packages Are Here!

  1. Really disappointed that you are not revealing the Mystery titles in your new book-a-month club. I can make a guess with your clues, but I’d really rather know the exact titles.

  2. Is there any way you could consider offering your books digitally? Would love to give them to my daughter but she only listens to books while she walks to and from work.

  3. I really like the book titles in the two clubs that list them! I have a question about the Bluestocking Club listing: I already have Clementine, and was wondering if I could either substitute or subtract that book?

    • Great question, Brenda. Thanks for asking. We’d love to be able to accommodate your request; unfortunately, our inventory system doesn’t allow substitutions. Perhaps you have a friend who would enjoy receiving Clementine as a gift? We appreciate your understanding.

    • Great question, Brenda. Our shipping department sends out the books at the end of the previous month, aiming to have each month’s title in mailboxes on or around the first of the month. So the January book should arrive around January 1, maybe a little earlier, maybe a little later, depending on location/carrier.

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