In January, we announced Bas Bleu would be hosting our own 2016 presidential election, with your favorite literary characters as the candidates. We’ve narrowed your nominees down to six teams, and in the months leading up to Election Day in November, we’ll be presenting you with the candidates’ biographies, platform issues, and a schedule of campaign events.


Candidate Bio

Harry James Potter is the only child of James and Lily Potter, whose tragic deaths orphaned their son as a baby. Raised by relatives in Little Whinging, Harry’s life took a turn for the extraordinary when, at the age of eleven, he enrolled at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. There, his destiny became clear: to be a champion for good. It was at Hogwarts that Harry met his future running mate, Hermione Granger, an exceptional student whose unceasing quest for knowledge and passion for justice and equality make her one of democracy’s greatest advocates. Their youthful experiences living and working alongside people from all walks of life—Muggle-born, magical, rich, poor—taught Harry and Hermione that every human life is worth the same and that it is our choices, far more than our abilities or our accidents of birth, that show who we really are. Together they have forged lifelong alliances and built reputations for integrity, courage, and grit in the face of unspeakable dangers. Together, they saved the world from the Dark Lord, Voldemort. And together, they can unite our nation.

We are only as strong as we are united, as weak as we are divided.

Issues We Care About 

Foster Care Reform
Accio! None know better than Harry Potter that indifference and neglect can be more detrimental to children than outright dislike. Our nation’s foster-care system needs an overhaul, to protect the children at its core as well as to provide the families caring for them with the support and resources they need to nourish and nurture their young charges. We want to provide orphans and foster children with the futures they deserve, because it doesn’t matter who someone is born, but who they grow up to be.

Political Corruption
Expelliarmus! Government for the people cannot flourish if our leaders cling to personal power at all costs. Legislative and judicial corruption must be combatted at every turn, from outright criminal behavior and ethical failures to gerrymandering, manipulation of campaign-finance laws, and resistance to term limits. If we’re brave enough to stand up to our enemies to defend what’s right, shouldn’t we be brave enough to stand up to our friends and colleagues?

Youth Activism
Lumos! Young people are dismissed all too frequently, but when they come together for a good cause they can be an army for change. We believe citizens are never too young to serve their country, and we want the next generation of leaders on the front lines today! Volunteering with this campaign, mentoring younger kids, participating in neighborhood service projects, serving the less fortunate at local shelters and food banks… No matter your age, you can be a light in the darkness for your community!

Upcoming Campaign Events 

Broomsticks for Books
Join us for a celebrity Quidditch match to benefit our communities’ libraries! These venerable institutions hold the answers to many of life’s greatest challenges, but they need our help to keep their doors open and their shelves stocked. Team Potter will be helmed by Oliver Wood, while Quidditch World Cup champion Victor Krum will serve as captain of Team Granger. Sales of tickets and our commemorative “When in doubt, go to the library” T-shirts will benefit the American Library Association.

Spelling Bee
Little witches- and wizards-in-training are invited to Ollivander’s Wand Shop for a spellbinding afternoon of fun! You’ll learn simple spells for cleaning your room, identifying which vegetables taste as icky as they look, enchanting a leash to walk the dog by itself, and more! Plenty of Butterbeer, Bott’s Every Flavor Beans, and Chocolate Frogs will be provided. Dress up in your most magical costume and you just may win a surprise pack of Quality Weasley Goods jokes and explosives!

Women for S.P.E.W.
This year’s annual meeting of the national chapter of the Society for the Promotion of Elfish Welfare (S.P.E.W.) welcomes Hermione Granger, founder and president emeritus, as keynote speaker. Her topic will be the ongoing struggle for gender equality and the risks posed to our society by the alarming proliferation of human trafficking and modern-day slavery in America.




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