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sarah-madsenReaders new to Bas Bleu often are surprised to learn that every item you see in our catalog is hand-selected and reviewed by a small, three-person editorial team. It’s wonderful work, and we’re fortunate to do it…but it is a lot of work! So you’ll understand why we’re thrilled to announce the addition of Sarah Madsen to Bas Bleu’s editorial staff.

Sarah initially came to Bas Bleu in 2016 as a summer intern, to help us shoulder the copywriting load while our senior editor was on maternity leave. By the end of her internship, we were so impressed with her work and her attitude that we asked her to stick around. Now in addition to her reading and copywriting duties, Sarah will assist us with editing, creating catalog layouts, social media…and anything else we might throw at her!

In the meantime, we wanted to share a few facts about the newest member of our editorial family. An experienced writer, Sarah previously served as editor of her university’s award-winning literary magazine, has won prizes for poetry and playwriting, and writes regularly for the gaming community and short-story anthologies. She also makes a killer latte, thanks to a stint in college as a café barista. Additionally, we asked Sarah for her take on our “Meet the Editors” profile and to name just a few of her favorite products she’s written about for Bas Bleu (so far!).

Hometown: Alpharetta, GA

Education: University of North Georgia

Favorite reading genre: Sci Fi/Fantasy

All-time favorite book: The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde

Hobbies (other than reading): Writing, video games, bad car karaoke with my kids, lounging with my dog

Most paradoxical quality: I’m extremely go-with-the-flow but also extremely picky about a lot of things (food, clothes, etc.)

Turn-offs: Condescension

Hypothetical autobiography title: Just One More Chapter

Some of Sarah’s favorite Bas Bleu products: 

cities-nightscapes wodehouse-golfhygge-candles

Welcome, Sarah, to the Bas Bleu family!

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