Guess what? May is Get Caught Reading Month! We suspect most avid readers haven’t truly been “caught” reading surreptitiously since you snuck a flashlight and book under the covers as a child or hid a novel inside your textbook during math class. But for those of us (Bas Bleu editors included!) who never leave home without a book or who feel our day isn’t complete until we’ve tackled a few chapters, Get Caught Reading Month is the perfect excuse to share some of our favorite opportunities for squeezing in a little more reading time.

1. In the carpool-pickup lane at school

2. At the doctor’s office, when they tell you to show up thirty minutes early but they’re running thirty minutes late

3. Waiting for your blind date to arrive

4. While having your oil changed

5. In the closet—literally! A reader recently told us that she used to read in the bedroom closet while her husband and their young children slept; it was the only place/time she could get away to enjoy a book!

6. Waiting to pick up a police report at Central Records (editor KG used this opportunity last week to tackle a new whodunit)

7. During the seventh-inning stretch

8. Behind sunglasses at the pool

9. On your lunch break (bonus points if your book selection inspires a friendship-forging conversation with a coworker)

10. At your granddaughter’s dance recital, when all of the other children are dancing

11. On international flights…especially since laptops are probably banned

12. When your extrovert friend says “you need to get out more!” and drags you to a party

13. While the kids are occupied in a bounce castle (bonus points if you can also sneak in a glass of wine)

14. When the interstate burns down and you’re stuck in Atlanta’s rush-hour traffic for four hours. Come to think of it, you’d better keep a book in your car at all times.

15. In church. But only until your parents tire of the judgmental glances from other parishioners and tell you you’re old enough to listen to the sermon.

16. During those endless conference calls; just turn the pages quietly!

17. While your spouse or children are preoccupied watching bad TV

18. During a graduation ceremony. So many kids, so many boring speakers…

19. At the bar; maybe the bartender will be startled enough by the sight that he’ll actually take your order

20. At the hair salon, waiting for your color to set

21. In line at the grocery store behind the coupon queen who somehow manages to get $300 worth of food for $1.75.

If you have a fool-proof way to fit more reading into your day, be sure to share with your fellow bluestockings in the comments below!


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