Editor AG surrounded by a sampling of the books we’re vetting for our 2018 Book a Month packages

The dog days of summer are upon us, ripe with heat, humidity, and the overwhelming urge to do nothing but lie around and read. But while the weather outside may have you thinking about anything but Christmas, inside the Bas Bleu editorial office we’re already deep into preparations for our Holiday edition…and up to our eyeballs in candidates for our 2018 Book a Month packages!

As our veteran readers know, every October we present the Book a Month selections for the coming year, twelve months’ worth of terrific books, shipped either all at once or on a monthly basis throughout 2018. It’s a terrific gift for the avid readers in your life…and a well-deserved treat for you! We debuted our Book a Month program back in 2014, with a single set of a dozen books. Our customers loved it so much that it tripled in size in 2015, our classic Bluestocking package (a mix of fiction and nonfiction) joined by Life Stories and Mysteries.

Every year, we gather your feedback—via individual title sales, e-mail surveys, and personal letters—to help us tweak the program and prepare the next year’s offerings. We’re not going to reveal our 2018 titles just yet, but we are going to give you a few hints and program updates, hopefully whetting your appetite for when our Holiday edition arrives in mailboxes in mid-October! (Not receiving our catalog yet? You can subscribe here.)

Our 2018 Book a Month packages will…

…welcome a new arrival! We’re adding a fourth option for our younger readers, ages 9 to 12, including lesser-known classics, Newbery Award winners, and our editors’ childhood favorites, with a few contemporary titles in the mix. We think it will be a fantastic gift from one generation of readers to the next.

…feature at least one proprietary printing we think you’ll love! Last year, thanks to a customer’s recommendation, we offered an exclusive printing of Tisha, which readers told us time and again was one of their favorite books of the year…and a title they would have passed by if it hadn’t been a Book a Month selection. This year, we’re working with our friends at Penguin Random House to offer a special edition of Benedict and Nancy Freedman’s 1947 classic novel Mrs. Mike, bound together with its sequel, The Search for Joyful. That’s two books in one!

…transform our Life Stories package into our new True Tales package! You’ll still find all the memoirs, biographies, and autobiographies you love, with the addition of a few engrossing histories sprinkled in for good measure.

…allow you decide whether or not to keep our Mysteries a mystery! Last year, we chose not to reveal the titles of the thrillers and whodunits in our Mysteries package, so each book would be a mystery to you until it arrived in your mailbox. Not everyone loved that idea; many readers were worried about buying a book they’d already read, which we certainly understand. So this year, we’re keeping the titles a mystery to our catalog readers, but offering a full list of the package’s twelve books over on our website. We can tell you we’ll be offering a nice mix of cozy mysteries, vintage classics, modern procedurals, and more.

…be a great deal for Bas Bleu Society members! All Book a Month subscribers will receive 20% off the cover price of each twelve-book package. But Bas Bleu Society members receive free shipping on ship-all-at-once and ship-monthly packages. Society members can also create their own ship-all-at-once packages, with 15% off any selection of the individual titles in our Holiday edition.

Some customers have asked about personally customizing their ship-monthly packages to include options from our entire inventory of books. While we’d love to make that happen, at this time our warehouse and fulfillment departments just aren’t equipped for it. But we hear you, dear readers, and you’ll be the first to know if we figure out how to make that work for you! It’s important to have long-term goals, right?

Our Book a Month program is one of our favorite projects to work on, a bibliophilic experience we hope is as fun and fulfilling for you to read as it is for us to create. We’re so excited about our 2018 offerings and can’t wait to share them with you. Two months and counting until the big reveal!


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