Every year, as Bas Bleu gears up for the holiday season, we find ourselves sorting through hundreds of terrific gifts—and faced with only sixty-eight catalog pages on which to squeeze them! So we created True Bleu Gifts, a special “department” of our online store for all those fun things we think you’ll like but that we can’t fit into our printed catalog.

Officially, the True Bleu Gifts (or TBGs as they’re known around our office) are part and parcel of our Holiday offerings. But we suspect there are a number of occasions between now and Christmas for which you may need cool gifts: birthdays, anniversaries, weekend visits to in-laws, thanks-for-being-my-best-friend Wednesdays. Plus, because you’re awesome and you deserve nice things, our TBGs are the perfect little “treat yourself” gift after a long, hard work week…or to celebrate your triumph over a personal obstacle, whether big or small.

You’ll find more than one hundred items in our TBG store, and we’ll be adding more in the coming months. Here are just a few of our favorites:

Another Chapter Sleep Shirt $29.00
Lock the door, hide the to-do list, and hunker down in our cozy sleep shirt for a well-deserved reading marathon.

Dear Jane: Wise Counsel from Ms. Austen and Friends $10.00
Ever wished Jane Austen could advise you on your life? We’ve got a book for that.

American Suffragist Ornament $19.95
The proud activist you know will be thrilled to add this trailblazing lady to her Christmas tree. Bonus: Each ornament is handmade in England, by a charity that helps disadvantaged women by offering them work at home.

Shakespeare’s Bard of Soap (set of 3) $9.95 
What do you give the consummate host or hostess with a taste for the classics? A trio of Shakespeare “bards” of soap!

The Sinking Admiral $24.99  $11.98
14 crime writers + 1 dead pub owner in a seaside village + 20 chapters = a fun collaborative mystery!

Library and Chill Tote Bag $22.50
Forget “Netflix and chill.” Real late-night excitement comes c/o your local library…and this clever literary tote.

Queen Victoria Enamel Pins $15.99
Having a bad day? Wear these feisty enamel pins to warn off potentially aggravating coworkers, salespeople, or that one guy at the coffee shop who cannot take a hint.How We Roll T-shirt $28.00
If your idea of a party is a towering pile of books and a quiet room, well, this shirt’s for you.

“Rather Be Happy Than Dignified” Print $28.00 
These words of wisdom from Charlotte Brontë are a pretty great life mantra…wrapped up in a pretty portrait for your wall!

Little Free Library $250.00
Because you know you want one.


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