Whether the flowers and trees are in full bloom in your neck of the woods or your home is still buried beneath a layer of ice and snow, new books make the perfect springtime accessories! In honor of the bountiful season—and Bas Bleu’s Spring 2018 edition, packed with terrific new books and gifts—we’ve picked a dozen fresh reads, a bouquet of books just for you.

For a brief plot “teaser” about each of the books we’ve selected, hover your mouse pointer over the book cover; or, click on the image to read the full review on our website. And if you don’t already receive our free catalog in the mail, you can request a copy.

Finally, a housekeeping note: Our blog has moved to a new address! Now you can find the Bluestocking Salon at blog.basbleu.com. (Don’t worry, our old site is redirecting to the new one, so you shouldn’t get lost along the way!) We think all of our pictures and links have transferred properly, but if you spot a glitch that needs fixing, feel free to tell us in the comments section. Happy reading!



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