April is National Letter Writing Month, and a wonderful reminder to us of the joys of writing and receiving “old-fashioned” snail mail. Last April, we wrote about the irreplaceable value of paper mail in a digital world and issued a letter-writing challenge to all of our readers. This year, we thought it would be fun to dig into the Bas Bleu mailbag and share with you some of the recent letters our editors have received. Because in the midst of writing catalog copy, sorting through piles of books, embarking upon reading marathons, and posting on Twitter, Facebook, and this blog, we still get excited when the mail carrier delivers a letter or card from one of our readers. (And it’s not every day someone uses the phrase “sultry feminine charm” to describe our catalog!) 

“You truly made my day on April 11, 2017 when I received my order from you. I am so glad that you still had the ornaments available from the catalog I received on September 24, 2016. I thought I would give it a try to order them and see what would happen. TA-DA!!! I got them—I was just about ‘jumping for joy!’ I love the unique and special items that you have in your catalogs—which I love to purchase from you. Keep doing what you are doing!!”

“I’m here to tell you I am tremendously enjoying every page of a ‘Gentleman in Moscow’ by Amor Towles…Your choice of books in latest catalog are all extremely keen and concern fascinating subjects—whether human or of animal…I look forward to receipt of five items [from my new order] and just know in advance I shall be pleased…as Bas Bleu has sooo proven in the past.”

“To my friends at Bas Bleu: I love, love, love receiving your catalog and finding such wonderful books & other cool stuff/gifts! As a Realtor, I have to read so many documents, legal papers, trade magazines. But your books give me hours of pleasure reading, a relaxing way to cope with frantic business demands. Thank You, dearies…glad to be a Blue Stocking.”

“I am still here, (ha) just turned 91! I used to love riding my bicycle when I was a kid but then I married a Harley-Davidson man & rode only Harleys for 51 years! I read your catalog cover-to-cover and mark many I would like (X)…Keep up the good work! Love you, ‘Motorcycle Mama’”

“When the latest issue arrives, I finish necessary jobs or chores and then go to the bed and curl up and become ‘me’ with ‘comfort time’ as I read every line within the new edition. The reviews are interesting, the gift items are a delight, and my notebook becomes filled with the listing of books to order and gifts for those I care for…Thank you for the quality of this publication, for the continued joy I continue to experience after years of being a [Bas Bleu Society] member, and for the introduction to some fine reading material…Thank you. Your work is well done and appreciated.”

“Thank you so much for choosing my novel for inclusion at Bas Bleu and making it a 2018 Book a Month selection! I am thrilled, beyond thrilled that this happened. Our association goes so far back and I am such a fan of the catalog that it is sort of a dream come true for me to be one of your picks….At any rate, I wanted to send you all a real old-school thank you because I truly mean it—and because everyone should receive a sealing wax adorned letter at least once in their adult life. I did write the novel with a fountain pen.” —Jane Goodrich, author of Bluestocking Book a Month 2018 pick The House at Lobster Cove


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