Summer Reading List 2018

Henry James wrote, “Summer afternoon—summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language.” We’d have to agree…especially when we get to spend that summer afternoon reading! Bas Bleu’s Summer 2018 edition lands in mailboxes today, and we’ve made it our mission to fill your summer afternoons with delightful literary treats. You’ll find light and cheerful page-turners, enchanting historical fiction, heart-racing thrillers…and those are just the novels! (Be sure to check out our special fiction-only Beach Reading Bundle online; buy all twelve and save 20%!)

To help you begin planning your summer reading, our editors have selected a dozen of our favorite novels, biographies, and other nonfiction picks. For a brief plot “teaser” about each book, hover your mouse pointer over the book cover; or, click on the image to read the full review on our website. And if you don’t already receive our free catalog in the mail, you can request a copy. Happy reading!



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2 thoughts on “Summer Reading List 2018

  1. Dear Editorial Team at Bas Bleu,
    Thank you for selecting Eunice, The Kennedy Who Changed the World for your Summer Reading list. Hers is the untold story of a remarkable, persistent woman who left at least as profound a political legacy as her more celebrated brothers. She did so in a family and in an era that did make it easy for women, no matter how famous their name or formidable their personalities.
    As her biographer and as a woman, I am grateful that Bas Bleu is helping to secure Eunice Kennedy Shriver’s well-earned place in American history.
    Eileen McNamara

    • Thanks so much for your nice note. We were bowled over by Eunice’s story, which we knew so little about; thank you for remedying that! We hope our readers will be as captivated and impressed by her as our editorial team was.

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