You won’t find it on your calendar. Your boss isn’t offering you the day off. Your local bank won’t be closed, and there are no greeting cards to mark the occasion. But because Bas Bleu’s editors make it our business to keep you in the literary loop, we thought you should know: September 6 is National Read a Book Day!

We know what you’re thinking: How is Read a Book Day different from every other day? Devoted bibliophiles are known for always having our noses in a book…or at least for always having a book close at hand. But nurturing a love of reading in a high-speed, high-tech world sometimes can be a challenge—even for those of us who read for a living! We have to be savvy about how we sneak chapters into our busy days: reading first thing in the morning or late into the night, in the carpool lane or during the kids’ soccer practice, on lunch breaks and in doctors’ waiting rooms, maybe even listening to audiobooks while exercising or commuting to and from work. (As a middle schooler, one of our editors used to read during the sermon on Sunday mornings. God bless indulgent parents!)

There are no monetary rewards for being a devoted reader, no medals or certificates of achievement (at least, not since we left elementary school). As with so many other labors of love, we fit reading into our lives because of the richness it brings to them. Reading is one of the few activities that can be deeply personal and solitary, yet also capable of transforming strangers into friends with just one glance at a book cover. Books transport us around the world and through time, without leaving our familiar surroundings. Reading offers us escape from boredom, grief, heartbreak, and despair.

We know it can seem impossible to take a break from all of the responsible, grown-up tasks required in your daily life. But if ever there was a day to tell a friend, “Give me a rain check, I’ve got to get home and read,” or to skip the yard work in favor of relaxing on the porch with a good book, September 6 is it. And if you have the means to reserve the entirety of National Read a Book Day for a reading marathon, we salute you! We’ll be spending the day with the books we’ve selected for our upcoming Book a Month 2019 packages. (Hint: They are very good, and we can’t wait to tell you about them in October!)

Happy reading, bluestockings!


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