Once upon a time (in a not-so-distant, selfie-obsessed past), the good folks at the New York Public Library launched Library Shelfie Day, an annual occasion to share portraits of personal—and, often, creatively arranged—book collections. Reading is such a personal experience for so many of us, informed by our individuality, our life experiences, even our schedules, that it’s no surprise our bookshelves can offer a revealing window into our literary souls…or, at least, a peek into our book-organization methods!

Recently, in anticipation of Library Shelfie Day, Bas Bleu’s editors asked our Facebook followers to send us their “shelfies.” Several of you were game to give us a peek into your private collections and nice enough to let us share the photos here. (We’ve added a few of our own for good measure.) But no matter how you arrange the books on your shelves—maybe they share space with your other, non-book loves, or maybe you don’t use shelves at all!—we celebrate all of the kindred spirits whose books are slowly taking over your homes!

two sets of white bookshelves filled with mystery novels

Mystery fan Denise M. reports these are “just some” of her bookshelves…

metal bookshelves filled with books, a green plant, and a plush rabbit

“I keep our Book a Month 2019 selections close at hand in my office, along with a collection of Jane Austen’s works, an unidentified plant given to me by a friend when she moved, and an adorable plush bunny.” –Katherine, Bas Bleu social media director

close-up of wooden bookshelf with several copies of Jane Eyre and a Victoria china doll

“JANE EYRE has always been one of my favorites and I have a nice, on-going ‘Eyre’ collection. I’ve added the old-fashioned china doll because she seems so fitting…” –Sally T.

trio of bookshelves lined with books, photos, miniature sweetgrass baskets, and a sign that says "be nice or leave"

For those who also love the “Be nice or leave” plaque on Pat W’s bookcase, Pat reports you can order your own from an artist known online as “Simon of New Orleans.”

red wingback chair flanked by two wooden bookshelves

“I’m so glad I brought these two bookshelves in our downsizing move. I was afraid they were too big for the small room we now call our ‘den.’ But they look just perfect and bring a cozy feel to the room, which we love.” –Janice S.

metal industrial shelves filled with cardboard cartons full of books

Yes, this IS a shelfie…of just a few of the Bas Bleu books, note cards, and mugs in our Ohio warehouse, all waiting to be packed and mailed to our readers! (Photo courtesy of our intrepid warehouse manager, Joey S., who oversees and organizes towering shelves of books!)

five vertical stacks of paperback books propped against a sea-green wall

“Mine is a makeshift bookshelf as my built-in bookshelves aren’t in yet!” –Lisa H.

wooden bookshelves filled with books and small painted birdhouses

Jennifer B’s books-on-books-on-books shelfie is “topped” with colorful bird feeders…and two familiar-looking Reading Gargoyle Bookends!

shelf clock flanked by books and topped with a small painted coyote

“I have mini libraries like this all over the house. This is the top shelf of my computer desk.” –Patricia P.

two-level bar cart beneath a large mirror with stacks of books on either side of the cart

For one of our editors, her home shelves filled up long ago, forcing her to stack books in every corner–including by the bar cart–where they are popular “foundations” for spiderwebs.


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