snowy road through winter forest

In news that will surprise no one: It is cold, y’all. Winter arrived with a vengeance last week, and we’re not handling it well. Much of the country is frozen in January’s grip—we’re sending thoughts, prayers, and hot toddies to our friends in the Midwest today—so Bas Bleu’s editors put together this book lovers’ cold-weather survival kit to fuel your winter hibernation and see you through to spring. (Please note: If you’re looking for recommendations for snow blowers or ice scrapers, you’re better off calling your local hardware store.)

collection of twelve books on a table with a coffee cup

Cozy Winter Reading Collection
Any winter hibernation worth its (rock) salt is enjoyed most effectively with a stack of good books! Our editors put together this collection of a dozen great reads—including mysteries, romance, a memoir…even a ghost story or two!—to keep you spellbound and well-read throughout the season. Buy the whole set and get a discount; or, pick and choose to create your own winter survival pack.

pink plaid flannel pajama pants and gray t-shirt featuring bookish illustrations with words "Book lovers survival kit"

Book Lovers Survival Kit PJs
A critical component to winter hibernation: comfy PJs. Or, as we call them when we don them in the middle of the day, “loungewear.” This cute set is particularly on-brand, and the pink plaid flannel pants are cheerful to the eye and warm to the touch.

book cover for The Literary Book of Answers

The Literary Book of Answers
What is it about bleak winter days that find us pondering the big questions in life? If gray skies and bare trees have you feeling contemplative (read: broody), you can soothe your existential crisis—or at least entertain yourself while answering a few questions—with the help of this magic 8-ball of a book.

quilt designed to look like bookshelves filled with colorful books

Library Quilted Throw
Sure, this blanket looks great—featuring rows of colorful, prettily patterned books—but its literary prowess will be amplified when you snuggle up beneath it for a reading marathon…or a long winter’s nap!

book cover for Bletchley Park Brainteasers by Sinclair McKay

Bletchley Park Brainteasers 
Winter weather can really put a damper on your socializing and other out-and-about activities. Keep your mind sharp by challenging yourself, your spouse, your kiddos, or your next-door neighbor to these brain-blasting challenges.

glass teapot filled with yellow chrysanthemum bloom

Glass Teapot, Chrysanthemum Blooming Floral Tisane, and Blooming Tea
A warm cuppa goes a long way on a blustery winter’s day, and you won’t find a prettier one than that made by our Glass Teapot and these special tisanes and teas. Not only will they brew you an aromatic hot beverage, but they’ll offer beautiful springtime blooms in the process!

The RBG Workout by Bryant Johnson

The RBG Workout
Just because it’s too icy/cold/dark to take your daily walk does not mean you’re excused from your workout! (Especially if you’re prone to hibernation carb-loadng like we are.) U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s personal workout can be done at the gym or at home, and—we’re just spit-balling here—she does not seem the type to accept excuses.

color-changing constellations mug

Golden Constellations Mug
These winter evenings may be brutal, but there’s no denying the beauty of the sky on a cold, clear night. The fact that it’s too chilly to sit on your porch this time of year is no reason to skip your stargazing session.

book cover for Soup: The Ultimate Book of Soups and Stews

Soup: The Ultimate Book of Soups and Stews
Listen, you gotta eat. And what better way to fill your belly, feed your family, entertain your friends, and generally fuel your soul than with a big, steaming bowl of soup? If you’re already sick of your standard go-to recipes, here are 300 news ones to tide you over until spring.

jigsaw puzzle based on New Yorker magazine cover illustration, featuring kids sledding in Central Park

Sledding in the Park Puzzle
If you’re looking at a fresh pile of snow outside your window, you could bundle up and head out to play…or you could avoid a face full of cold slush by staying inside and tackling this seasonal jigsaw puzzle instead.

book cover of The Finnish Way by Katja Pantzar

The Finnish Way
How do the Scandinavians survive those long, hard winters? Well, hygge, for one. But once you’ve got all your candles lit…then what? The Finns rank among the world’s happiest people, thanks in no small part to sisu, “a unique Finnish form of resilience and perseverance in the face of adversity.”

book cover for Cardboard Box Creations activity kit

Cardboard Box Creations
Kiddos getting crabby from being cooped up inside? Turn off the TV, put away the iPad, and unleash their imaginations with this handy how-to, which helps kids transform plain cardboard boxes into a theater, a taxi, a rocket ship, and more!

Stay warm, bluestockings!


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