Spring 2019 Reading List

collage of twelve book covers

Every Bas Bleu catalog is special to us—believe us when we say they’re all labors of love!—but we’re extra-proud of our Spring 2019 edition. It celebrates our 25th anniversary with special features, staff photos, and more. But never fear, dear bluestockings: Our Spring 2019 edition is brimming with plenty of wonderful new books and gifts, too! We were hard-pressed to narrow down our favorites, but our editors have assembled a fresh spring “bouquet” just for you, a dozen terrific reads to keep you captivated throughout the season.

For a brief plot “teaser” about each of the books we’ve selected hover your mouse pointer over the book cover; or, click on the image to read the full review on our website. And if you’d like to receive our catalog in the mail, you can request a copy here. Happy reading!

book cover for Bitter Orange by Claire Fuller  book cover for The Woman's Hour  book cover for The Pianist of Syria

book cover for The Jane Austen Diet book cover for Marilla of Green Gables book cover for Wallis in Love

book cover for Born to Be Posthumous book cover for The Italian Party by Christina Lynch  book cover of The Feather Thief

book cover for The Hunting Party  book cover for The Stranger Diaries book cover for An Elderly Lady is Up to No Good


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