Long-time Bas Bleu readers know that each edition of our catalog—we publish Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Holiday editions every year—includes a mix of items that are new (to Bas Bleu) and items that are what we call “carryovers,” books and gifts that “debuted” in earlier editions of the catalog. For the last several years, customers have asked us to designate the new items in each edition, to help you zero in on fresh books and gifts…and to remind you which items you already ordered for, say, your book-loving best friend’s birthday or your mother-in-law’s Christmas stocking.

We’ve heard each and every one of your requests, thanks in no small part to our terrific call center reps, who regularly share your comments and concerns with our editorial team. As a result, our editors have been brainstorming the best way to give our customers what you’re asking for…while also satisfying some behind-the-scenes technical requirements on our end. We think we’ve found the solution!

Our Summer 2019 edition lands in mailboxes on May 29. And for the first time, each product making its first appearance in the Bas Bleu catalog will be designated by the word “NEW,” printed in bold blue ink at the beginning of the product’s description. Some catalog pages feature all new items; others offer a blend of new and carryover items.

We appreciate every one of you who tells us you read the catalog cover to cover, but we understand that sometimes you might skim over a product or two. Hopefully you will continue to keep an eye on our carryover items, in case they are new to you. Feel free to let us know—in the comments below, on Facebook, on Twitter, via email at editors@basbleu.com, on the phone with our call center, or via snail mail—what you think about our “new” experiment. Does it improve your shopping experience? Is there a way for us to do it better?


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