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National Book Lovers Day is right around the corner! (It’s on August 9, for those of you who want to put in a last-minute vacation/reading request.) Plus, Bas Bleu’s Autumn 2019 edition heads to the post office next week, which means truckloads of new books and gifts are arriving into our warehouse every day. How can we help our readers celebrate National Book Lovers Day and clear space for our new merchandise? Offer great prices on books and bookish gifts!

Our Bargain Basement is chock-full of terrific reads and other goodies that we ordered just a few too many of. Some you may have passed right by in our catalog; others you may have been on the fence about buying. At these prices, they all deserve a second look! We’ve selected just a handful of those books and gifts—along with several product reviews from real-life customers—to share with you today. You’ll find so much more in the Bargain Basement!

book cover for Golden Hill by Francis Spufford

Golden Hill
was $17.00 now $11.98
In 1746 New York, a young man calling himself “Mr. Smith” arrives from England with a bill of credit for one thousand pounds sterling…and without any explanation for who he is or how he came by this small fortune. Soon the charming and enigmatic Mr. Smith becomes the colonial city’s most popular attraction—and its prime target. By turns humorous, madcap, and heartbreaking, this historical novel is an absorbing adventure!

cover of 1,000 Books to Read Before You Die

1,000 Books to Read Before You Die
was $35.00 now $27.98
Once upon a time, James Mustich was head of A Common Reader, a much beloved but now discontinued book catalog that many Bas Bleu readers remember fondly. This 948-page behemoth delivers Mustich’s literary knowledge and curating skills via more than 1,000 book recommendations. It deserves a spot on every avid reader’s bookshelf.

small white ceramic vase shaped like an ampersand

Ampersand Vase
was $12.95 now $4.98
“Don’t know how to explain my love for this symbol, but I do! It’s the perfect addition to my desk at work, too! I’m using it for pens at the moment but like that I can switch to flowers to achieve a different look. Love it!” —Karen S.

cover for Wings of the Morning by Louis Tracy

Wings of the Morning
was $14.95 now $5.98
“We had this book in our island summer home and I read it several times. I was delighted to see that it was back in print! Can’t wait to read it again after all these years!” —Barbara D.

cover of Ruthless River by Holly Fitzgerald

Ruthless River
was $16.00 now $9.98
In 1973, newlyweds Holly and “Fitz” FitzGerald embarked upon their new life together with a backpacking trip in South America. They didn’t anticipate the plane crash, the perilous river cruise on a ramshackle raft, or any of the other harrowing adventures (and near misses) to come. Read this in the safety and comfort of your own home…perched on the edge of your seat!

small cloth Christmas ornament that looks like William Shakespeare in a black and gold suit

William Shakespeare Ornament
was $19.95 now $11.98
One of our editors spied this literary ornament on a trip to England and immediately invited Master Shakespeare to stow away in her carry-on! The Bard looks handsome in his black-and-gold doublet, a rolled parchment (surely a brilliant new sonnet!) in his hand. Best of all? He’s handmade by a British charity that provides work at home for disadvantaged women.

cover of Crooked Heart by Lissa Evans

Crooked Heart
was $15.99 now $10.98
“Such a wonderful story, set in WWII, London and environs. It’s ageless, as it includes the bond between a middle-aged woman and a 10-year-old boy. They become rather symbiotic, as they learn to help each other. There’s a sense of mystery involving the two and other people in their household. It gives a peek at London during the blitz and the machinations of human nature.” —Patricia N.

cover of The Home Place by J. Drew Lanham

The Home Place
was $16.00 now $10.98
As a black ecologist/ornithologist/hunter-conservationist, Drew Lanham finds himself to be a bit of an “oddity.” Lucky for us, this “rare bird” has written a deeply caring, vividly poetic, and profoundly thought-provoking book about nature, family, cultural history, and personal identity. It’s a trailblazing perspective on our place in this world.

necklace with a small pendant shaped like a vintage hand-stamped library check-out card

Library Checkout Necklace
was $24.95 now $14.98
Proudly proclaim your library love—and celebrate those “vintage” date-stamped checkout cards we remember so fondly—when you accessorize with this eye-catching pendant. Better yet, wrap it up as a gift for the dedicated librarian you know!

cover of Our Souls at Night by Kent Haruf

Our Souls at Night
was $15.00 now $6.98
“I did enjoy the book, and since I am the age it hit very close to home. I am lucky to still have my husband but have many friends who are in the same situation as [this] couple, and they say the nights are the worst. I can see that as it is nice to have someone to talk to.” —Jane M.

cover of The Song Poet by Kao Kalia Yang

The Song Poet
was $17.00 now $7.98
In this powerful memoir, award-winning Hmong American writer Kao Kalia Yang pays elegant tribute to her father Bee Yang, a gifted song poet. His songs and her writing combine to weave a heartrending yet inspiring tale of the Yang family’s experiences in war-torn Laos and their difficult but optimistic lives as refugees in the United States.

coffee mug decorated like a cursive exercise book, with blue and pink lines
The Lost Art of Penmanship Mug
was $13.95 now $8.98
“I sent The Lost Art of Penmanship Mug to my English-teaching brother who’s bemoaning the disappearance of cursive writing instruction from the curriculum of most schools. Oh, another thing, his handwriting is terrible. Now he can drink coffee while inspiring his students and himself to tilt at windmills in longhand.” — John M.

cover of Frederica by Georgette Heyer
was $15.99 now $6.98
If you’re familiar with Georgette Heyer’s novels, you already know you’re in for a treat. If you’re new to the beloved author’s work (she pretty much invented the Regency romance genre), buckle up! Frederica is the sweet, smart, laugh-out-loud funny story of a wealthy, bored bachelor who meets his match in a plucky young woman.

cover of Laura by Vera Caspary
was $15.95 now $9.98
“A good read, and interesting to read a noir by a female author. I appreciated the information about [author Vera] Caspary that was included.” —Kathy

gray infant snapsuit illustrated with an open book and the caption Book Nerd
Pint Size Cuties: Book Nerd
was $24.95 now $16.98
Because you’re never too young to become a book lover!


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