From the Bas Bleu Mailbag: 25th Anniversary

We’re celebrating 25 years of Bas Bleu (our catalog was “born” in 1994), and our editors and other staff have been touched by the anniversary messages we’ve received from our readers over the past few months. Snail mail, emails, comments on our Facebook page and on this blog… No matter the format, each and every message means so much to our team. This week, as we prepare to debut our Autumn 2019 edition—including a first glimpse at this year’s Christmas offerings!—we wanted to share a few of the “happy anniversary!” notes that landed in our mailbox. Are we bragging? No. (Well…maybe a little bit, because any company with such amazing customers should brag about them!) Mostly we’re sharing these to let you know that we do, in fact, read and value every bit of customer correspondence that comes our way. Your words always impact us and remind us time and again just how special Bas Bleu’s readers are.

“Dear ladies,
• long time customer….but feel like a sister
• love when your catalogue arrives…. means a fresh pot of coffee and a nice parlor sit for me
• your books and gifts selection always hit a ‘chord’….page by page
• start by looking for the new offerings, but re-visit my favorite standards everytime and evaluate how they might fit in my current activities [i.e. I pace my purchases to feed my soul/needs!]
• never disappointed in my selection, whether a milestone gift, a surprise treat for someone to let them know they were in my thoughts, or a mere self-indulgence!
• found your 25th Anniversary issue an especially enjoyable read! The mini-profiles were sooo interesting (refer to comment #1 again!)
Wishing you all another prosperous and happy twenty-five.”

“I honestly didn’t realize it’s been 25 years! And I think I’ve been an appreciative customer since the beginning. You’ve got a tiger by the tail, and I hope you ride it for another 25.”

“Bas Bleu…has been my favorite bookseller of all time. I recommend it to others all the time! Every year, my birthday present to myself is to go through the current catalogue issued in my birthday month and buy myself anything and everything I want in that catalogue. Long live Bas Bleu!”

“Congratulations on your 25th anniversary. Wonderful photographs you shared.
Hopefully, you will celebrate with an anniversary dinner with your full staff with more happy pictures. Continue to march into the future with your wonderful company of special treasures for us in the Bas Bleu world.”

“Such fun memories but obviously not without struggles along the way. And you’ve certainly come a LONG way! I joined your fan base somewhere along in the 90’s and have been a staunch advocate of your wonderful catalogs and merchandise not to mention great books and reviews. Congrats on, not only surviving, but showing that you don’t have to be an Amazon to bring the best to your customers!”

“I was so delighted to get your recent catalog, celebrating your 25th anniversary! Hardly seems possible that we were all 25 years younger then, and I fancy myself if not your first, then certainly among your very earliest fans. I was so charmed by the concept of BB, and wished you so very well—WHICH HAS COME TRUE! I remember so well Eleanor telling me about sitting around the fax machine, eagerly waiting for things to happen; I’m so delighted they did. I just could not be happier for your continued success, you are loved by so many, and I’m delighted to see that there are more of our persuasion than I had guessed! I send my very special love and congratulations to you, Eleanor. I know it was your vision that brought BB to life. Long LONG may you wave, and enclosed herein are more hugs and good wishes than you can possible imagine.” [Ed. note: This longtime Bas Bleu customer was the first to place an order way back in 1994…and her order arrived via fax!]


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16 thoughts on “From the Bas Bleu Mailbag: 25th Anniversary

  1. Wow, it’s terrific that you received a message from your first customer. I’ve always secretly wanted to work at Bas Bleu and can’t imagine a more fun environment and lovelier co-workers. May you have 25 more happy years of providing wonderful books and gifts to your fans!

  2. Thank you so much for posting these. In this day and age, it’s not the norm that a company like Bas Bleu survives the “big guys”. Congratulations on surviving and thriving! You are the BEST, and you should know how much you’re appreciated. Happy 25th!

  3. I always enjoy your catalog. It has something for every one. Keep up the good work. Looking forward to many more catalogues.

  4. ……….
    I have been telling Bas Bleu to stop sending emails to me for at least a year. They keep coming. What is wrong with Bas Bleu? Is there a reason you keep sending them? What’s the point of sending emails if you don’t read them? STOP SENDING YOUR EMAILS TO ME. I repeat STOP SENDING YOUR EMAILS TO ME.

    • We’ve asked our customer service team to make sure you’re unsubscribed from our email list. If you do place an order in the future, be sure to tell the phone rep that you don’t want to be added back to the email list. Hopefully this will resolve your issue.
      Thank you,
      The Bas Bleu editors

  5. I am a relatively new reader and buyer from your catalog. It is one of the best and I enjoy every item I have purchased, either for myself or for a gift.

  6. Congratulations on your 25th anniversary! You’ve made my Christmas shopping (and birthday shopping and just-for-the-heck-of-it shopping) a pleasurable experience for many years. My family and friends love the gifts they’ve received from your catalogue. Here’s to the next 25 years!

    • We aim to make shopping easy and fun, Nancy! Here’s hoping we continue to do that for you in the coming years!

  7. Agree with ALL the comments!! Happy 25th Anniversary! Always look forward to your catalogs – they are a read unto themselves. The selections take me to places I have not thought of, or are places that are quite familiar. Many journeys in every catalog!! Keep up the good work and the good reading recommendations as well as the accessories and indulgences. Looking forward to the next 25 years! Congratulations!!

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