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A tense cultural divide exists in America today, between those adults who think Halloween is strictly for children and those who spend months planning their costumes and designing elaborate decoration schemes for their homes. We’re somewhere in the middle: We love bite-sized candy and carving pumpkins, but we draw the line at buying the special tool that shoots fake cobwebs onto your roof. If you’re happy to leave the dress-up and trick-or-treating to the wee bluestockings, but enjoy the thrills and chills of All Hallows’ Eve, Bas Bleu has you covered with this collection of 11 spooky books and treats for Halloween.

book cover for The Invited by Jennifer McMahon
The Invited
Love a good ghost story? Then you’ve probably read your fair share of books about unsuspecting characters moving into haunted houses. But have you ever read a novel about someone who builds a haunted house? That’s what happens when a young couple trades urban Connecticut for rural Vermont, where they begin building a house that proves to be a magnet for the ghost of a murdered woman.

coffee mug decorated with book spines of classic ghost stories and thrillers
The Chilling Tales Color-Changing Mug
This Halloween-worthy bookshelf—stocked with such suspenseful tales as The Castle of Otranto, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, Dracula, and The Turn of the Screw—is enough to chill any reader’s blood. Warm up again by pouring a steaming cup of cider, coffee, or tea into the black mug…and watching ghosts, ravens, mummies, and other creepy creatures and features reveal themselves!

book cover for Lock Every Door by Riley Sager
Lock Every Door
And you thought Manhattan real estate prices were scary! Not since Rosemary arrived at the Bramford in Ira Levin’s 1967 novel have we been so nervous about a young woman moving into a new apartment. True, Jules is simply housesitting at the jaw-dropping penthouse, but for a broke, unemployed woman with minimal housing options the opportunity is a godsend. You might even say it’s too good to be true…

box cover of Edward Gorey's Book Covers 1,000-piece puzzle
Edward Gorey Book Covers Puzzle
Edward Gorey didn’t consider himself a macabre person, but his deliciously creepy illustrations earned him a very specific reputation. This October, revel in his whimsically weird work—and while away a dark and stormy night—when you tackle this 1,000-piece puzzle featuring a collage of two dozen book covers created by Gorey.

book cover of The Silent Companions by Laura Purcell
The Silent Companions
It’s bad enough that Elsie’s husband dies unexpectedly while she’s pregnant with their first child. But when she arrives at his spooky country estate for the first time and discovers a wooden figure that looks just like her in a locked room? How could this possibly end well?

decorative art block featuring black raven and opening stanza of Edgar Allan Poe's poem "The Raven"
“The Raven” Wall Block
Published in 1845, Edgar Allan Poe’s narrative poem “The Raven” is, arguably, one of the most famous poems in Western literature. The human element—a heartbroken young man mourns the death of his beloved—isn’t particularly unique to nineteenth-century poetry. Rather it’s the mysterious raven who’s the star of the show, in the poem, in literary and popular culture, and on our evocative 5¾”-square wall plaque. Obviously it makes a great addition to your holiday décor, but we think it’s just subtle enough for you to display year round.

Happy Howl-oween pop-up book and pop-up card
Happy Howl-oween book and pop-up card
This pop-up book and coordinating card aren’t at all scary…but they are frightfully cute! Wee bluestockings, dog lovers, and good-hearted goblins will appreciate these sweet treats, a lighthearted way to celebrate the Halloween season.

book cover for The Broken Girls by Simone St. James
The Broken Girls
Ghostly rumors have always haunted Idlewild Hall, a boarding school in Vermont for wayward girls. When a student vanishes, her friends wonder if there’s a supernatural cause behind her disappearance. Sixty years later, the long-closed school is slated for renovation, to house a new generation of girls. But what ghosts from the past will return?

box of Fire Color Cones
Fire Color Cones
Invoke the spirit of Shakespeare’s Weird Sisters—or simply enjoy a crackling fire on a chilly autumn night—when you transform your hearth or firepit with these little cones. Simply toss a handful into the fire and watch the green and blue flames magically appear!

book cover of The Stranger Diaries
The Stranger Diaries
A contemporary whodunit inspired by the greats of Gothic literature, this novel has it all: Creepy abandoned buildings, a mysterious book within a book, a dogged detective, narrators of questionable reliability, red herrings, cryptic messages, and a trail of dead bodies. Check the locks on your doors before you crack this one!

Pop-up card featuring spooky Halloween apothecary bottles and potions
Spooky Apothecary Happy Halloween Pop-Up Card
Imagine the witch’s brew that could be whipped up with these ingredients—eyeballs, frogs, flies, viper venom…or at least imagine the shiver of spooky delight when your lucky recipient opens this 3D Halloween card. It just may be their favorite Halloween treat of all!


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