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Did you know? Today is National Puzzle Day! In our experience, avid readers also tend to be avid puzzlers, whether whiling away a quiet afternoon bent over a jigsaw puzzle—raise your hand if your family tackles one on summer vacation every year—or flexing those little gray cells with challenging word games and riddles. Puzzles and puzzle books are a staple of the Bas Bleu catalog, for kids as well as adults, so we’re highlighting a few of our favorites with this list of puzzles and books to celebrate National Puzzle Day.

Votes for Women jigsaw puzzle

Votes for Women Puzzle
2020 marks the centennial of the Nineteenth Amendment’s ratification, granting most (but not all) American women the right to vote. This 500-piece puzzle spotlights forty predominant activists who fought to bring that momentous event to pass, the colorful design a celebration of the courageous women and men who prevailed to grant female citizens equal voice in American politics.

299 On-the-Go Games and Puzzles

299 On-the-Go Games and Puzzles to Keep Your Brain Young
You exercise to keep your body healthy; exercise your brain, too! This little book—packed with word games, puzzles, pictograph riddles, and other brainteasers—may not be able to reverse the aging process, but it just might improve your mental fitness when used regularly. Plus…it’s fun!

Bookshelf Wooden Puzzle

Bookshelf Wooden Puzzle
This jigsaw puzzle is a work of art! Crafted in the English countryside using wood from sustainably managed forests, this premium-quality wooden puzzle includes “whimsies,” specially shaped pieces inspired by those found in popular Victorian Era puzzles. And while the 250-piece puzzle may sound less challenging than a 500- or 1000-piecer, the intricate illustration of an overflowing bookcase presents a delightful challenge.

Cat's Cradle

Cat’s Cradle
In the days before cell phones and iPads, a woman we know always kept a length of string in her pocketbook. Whenever she and her young daughter were stuck waiting—at the dentist’s office, in traffic, before a swimming lesson—they played Cat’s Cradle! Kids as well as grownups can learn the ropes of that classic string game and seven others with this illustrated instruction book…which comes with a bright red 60″ cord.

Crocodile Puzzle
Last November, the Thanksgiving school holidays landed several youngsters in our editorial office the Wednesday before Turkey Day. When they grew bored of the books and games they brought from home, we pulled this colorful wooden puzzle off our sample shelf. Two of the youngest kids settled down on the floor and immediately got to work, stopping to sing “The Alphabet Song” whenever they hit a roadblock. Kid-approved!


While this book of “mind-bending, brain-teasing word games, picture puzzles, mazes, and more” is technically geared toward middle-grade kids, adults will find plenty to entertain—and occasionally confound—them, too. Solve word searches, hunt for hidden clues, tackle tongue twisters, spot the mistakes in a picture…this encyclopedia of puzzles offers fun for all!

The Wave Micro Puzzle

The Wave Micro Puzzle
They say good things come in small packages. In this instance, the proof is in the puzzle! The tiny pieces of this 150-piece puzzle are just ½” long, so you’ll need sharp eyes and nimble fingers to solve it. But the reward is worth it: a jigsaw reproduction of Katsushika Hokusai’s magnificent woodblock-print image Under the wave off Kanagawa.

Clarion's Apothecary Game Cards

Claredon’s Apothecary Game Cards: Mystery Tonic One-Minute Mysteries
Liven up dinner table conversations, entertain fellow travelers on a road trip, kill time between appointments…or just enjoy racking your brain at home with these curious conundrums. Each “case” is printed on a card shaped like an old-fashioned medicine bottle, and the boxed deck packs neatly in a purse, glove compartment, or kitchen drawer.

100 Great Words Jigsaw Puzzle

100 Great Words Puzzles
Readers and word nerds, rejoice! You’ll have a grand time solving—and shouting out!—each delightful word as you piece it together. And who knows what fun will evolve from it? One customer told us, “This was taken on vacation and finished by about four people in three days. A new game. using at least three words in a cogent sentence, was invented on the spot!”

Lefty Crosswords puzzle book

Lefty Crosswords
Righties of the world, see how the other half—er, other 10%—lives when you try your hand at this collection of crossword puzzles honoring left-handers. The spiral binding may be designed to give right-handed writers a taste of being a lefty in a righty world, but the puzzles inside are equal-opportunity head-scratchers.


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