Spring Reading List 2020

At long last, winter begins to thaw…only to leave us facing the twin challenges of a contentious election season and something called a “novel coronavirus.” (The first “novel” we never want to read.) But whether you’re stockpiling books to hide from the world—we do this year-round, so we’re not judging!—or simply hankering for engaging stories to keep you company on warm, sunny days, Bas Bleu’s new Spring 2020 edition is loaded with fantastic reads. Choose one of our three Spring Reading CollectionsNovels, Mysteries, and Nonfiction—and save 20% off the package price. (Bas Bleu Society members, remember you receive 15% off the regular cover price of all books + free standard shipping, so feel free to create your own book set.)

To help you create your spring reading list, our editors have selected a dozen of our favorite picks. For a brief plot “teaser” about each book, hover your pointer over the book cover; or, tap the image to read the full review on our website. And if you don’t already receive our free catalog in the mail, you can request a copy. Happy reading!






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5 thoughts on “Spring Reading List 2020

  1. My daughter was perplexed when going to the store and all the toilet paper was gone from the shelves. The clerk explained that people were worried about Covid-19 and being quarantined for two weeks. I have my own list, and toilet paper is far down the list. In order of importance:
    1. Books (no matter how many on my shelves, you never know when you’ll run out)
    2. Single Malt Scotch
    3. Dark chocolate, preferably organic and Fair Trade.
    I won’t mind being quarantined at all!

    • We’ve been doing regular book-and-whiskey checks ourselves! Hopefully all of this good preparation will be unnecessary, but better safe than sorry. Stay healthy!

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