We’re going to come right out and say it: The last week and a half has been weird. A lot of us may be feeling overwhelmed, confused, frustrated, even a little scared by the COVID-19 situation. Here at Bas Bleu, we can’t provide you with epidemiological data or medical advice. We can’t answer questions about what the stock market or Congress is going to do. And we certainly don’t know when you’ll be handing your kids’ education back over to trained professionals.

So what can Bas Bleu do? Send books, puzzles, games, and other goodies to your door to keep you and yours in good spirits and entertained at home. Check out these “social distancing” supplies…for readers!

Bas Bleu Spring Reading Collection: Novels

Spring Reading Collections
If ever there was a time to gather books in bulk, it’s now! Maybe you’re finding yourself racing through that TBR stack at home…or lamenting the temporary closure of your local library. We couldn’t imagine this “social distancing” scenario when we were selecting the titles for these three packages, we just thought you’d like reading them as much as we did. Choose from three collections: novels, nonfiction, and mysteries. Of course all of the titles are available for individual purchase, but if you buy all six in a pack you’ll save 20% off the cover price!

Jane Austen's Book Club Puzzle

There’s just something about a jigsaw puzzle that draws us in and holds us riveted for hours on end. And that’s a good thing in times of upheaval, as editor KG was reminded recently: “I grabbed the Jane Austen’s Book Club Puzzle from my office last week when I was collecting all the materials I needed to work from home. I wasn’t sure I’d have the time to tackle it. But as soon as I did, I became so focused on searching out edge pieces and piecing together Virginia Woolf’s green dress that my mind cleared and the craziness of the news cycle faded away.”

Picket Fence Daisies Pop-Up Card

Snail Mail
There’s no time like the present to catch up on your correspondence…and to bridge the social distance with a cheerful piece of snail mail. Our Stationery Shop is full of special note cards guaranteed to make someone’s day when they land in mailboxes. Send sweet missives to far-away friends and family—or nearby ones who you can’t visit just now. Better yet, write a note of appreciation to the grocery store clerk, hospital nurse, or transit employee still heading out to work every day.

How to Draw and Write with a Fountain Pen

Hobby Books and Kits
Think you don’t have time to learn a new hobby? You do now! Explore your artistic side: learn calligraphy or how to write with a fountain pen, experiment with Chinese brush painting, or venture into watercolor painting. Feeling musical? Learn to play the ukulele! Or try your hand at whittling…or flying a plane!

After Dinner Amusements: Family Time

You can’t go to the movies. March Madness is cancelled. Some members of your household are probably spending way too much time in front of a screen. Whip up a little friendly competition with an old-fashioned game night! May we suggest a murder mystery role-playing game? A confounding word game? Educational memory games? How about a pack of family-friendly conversation starters? Ready, set, play!

Armchair Travel
The travel industry and the State Department have made it pretty clear: None of us are taking a vacation any time soon. But putting away your passport and your suitcase is no excuse not to explore the world from the safety of your sofa: Go for a hike, meet the gargoyles guarding Notre-Dame in Paris, take a lighthouse tour, visit our nation’s capital, and explore the wonders of the world!

This Too Shall Pass by Helen Exley

Inspirational Reads
If life feels crazy to you right now, you’re not alone. Take heart!


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