At-home entertainment has been both a blessing and a challenge in the last few months, with theaters, museums, stadiums, and other public venues shut down and people sticking close to home. Those readers staying at home are racing through piles of books, binge-watching movies and TV shows on Netflix, enjoying virtual cocktail parties with friends on Zoom, and working puzzles just as fast as Bas Bleu can ship them! Maybe you’ve been making use of your time to learn a new skill or hobby—raise your hand if you’re currently nursing a sourdough starter—or to revisit neglected ones. Some of our customers tell us they’ve pulled out their adult coloring books and put colored pencil to page again, both as a screen-free way to pass the time and as a respite from an unrelenting news cycle. Coloring can’t resolve the big issues we’re facing today, but some psychologists argue it may help to alleviate stress and improve concentration.

In an effort to help you “keep calm and color on,” we asked Adam Severin, Bas Bleu’s in-house artist, to adapt three of his original illustrations into coloring pages. Click or tap the buttons below to print out each image and color at home. You may recognize our “Summer Getaway” and “I Heart Books” images from previous catalogs; you can look forward to seeing our “Literary Llama” on a custom product in our upcoming Autumn 2020 edition, due in mailboxes later this summer.

If you need colored pencils or markers, or you’d like to see a selection of some of the other coloring and doodling books available at Bas Bleu, just head over to our website. Once you’re finished coloring, feel free to share the final product with us. You can email a photo to our editors, or post it to Facebook or Instagram. Just be sure to tag us in your post, so we can admire your work!


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