An updated version of our Summer 2020 edition landed in mailboxes earlier this week, sprinkled with new books and gifts chosen particularly for “staycationers” and youngsters who may be climbing the walls. It’s been a tough summer all around, and while we know Bas Bleu can’t magically resolve all of the challenges you’re facing, we hope these fresh summer picks will add a little extra sunshine to your day.

For Avid Readers
Is your TBR book stack dangerously low? We can help! Our new arrivals include an insightful novel about Winston Churchill’s influential wife, Clementine; a satisfying mystery set in a remote corner of England; a new, posthumous collection of short stories by Madeleine L’Engle; and a sparkling historical novel set in 1930s Montauk.

For Energetic Kids
We know you love your kids…but it’s okay to admit they’re driving you crazy! (Ours are.) Add some battery-free fun to their days with a pair of books devoted to old-school games like four square, charades, duck duck goose, and I Spy. Give curious youngsters a bug’s-eye view of nature’s inner workings with our neat Peek Inside board books. And help students stay sharp and prepare for the upcoming school year (whenever that is) with the fun and educational Summer Brain Quest workbooks.

For Homebodies
Make good use of extra time at home this summer! Beat the heat with a cookbook filled with delicious seasonal recipes designed to be made with minimal cooking. (Broiling oven in July? No, thank you!) Dress up your family’s dinner table with a set of pretty, nature-inspired cloth napkins. Organize your home office with a pack of pretty file folders and a handy password book. And hunker down on the porch with a good book and comfy pillow.

For Letter Writers
If you’re not able to meet up in person with friends and family this summer, you can stay in touch with phone calls and emails. Or you can say “hello,” “how are you?,” and “I miss you” via snail mail! Write letters on a pretty floral stationery set or tell your favorite travel buddy “wish we were here!” with a beachy pop-up card. And if you can’t offer in-person comfort to someone grieving a loss, our lovely set of letterpress-printed sympathy cards will deliver your condolences with care.

For Puzzle Fans
The demand for puzzles is enormous right now! It’s no joke, y’all. Our purchasing team is working hard to stock them for you, and they are flying off the shelves lickety-split. We debuted two new ones this week, but we strongly suggest you order early!


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