The mercury may feel stuck at “blazing hot summer,” but Bas Bleu‘s new Autumn 2020 edition is blowing into mailboxes like a cool breeze! Inside you’ll find engrossing new books to refresh your TBR stack, along with wonderful little gifts to captivate your imagination…and to jump-start your holiday shopping. This time we’ve included four Autumn Reading Collections: Novels, Mysteries, Nonfiction, and one collection dedicated to “vintage” Bas Bleu booksellers. To help you create your autumn reading list, our editors have selected fifteen of our favorite picks, including several absorbing reads by authors of color.

Earlier this summer, several customers asked why Bas Bleu doesn’t carry a more diverse assortment of books. This is something we’ve discussed at length over the years and especially recently. In the past we’ve been disheartened because books by and about people of color generally did not sell very well. Our decisions on what to carry forward into future catalogs have been based solely on numbers. However, we agree that it is important, indeed necessary, for individuals as well as businesses to work to dismantle the inequality that centuries of systemic racism have wrought in our country. Beginning with our Autumn edition, we are actively trying to include more books by people of color, both nonfiction addressing issues of race as well as fiction exploring experiences outside of a white perspective.

We’re always delighted to receive book recommendations from our readers, and we’d love your help expanding our point of view. Feel free to suggest books in the comments below.

Happy reading, bluestockings, and be well!







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