Next week is Thinking of You Week, an event developed to encourage people to send each other cards and handwritten notes. Say what you will about these “made-up holidays,” but there’s no denying that little burst of joy we feel when we open the mailbox and see a hand-addressed envelope peeking out between the store circulars and utility bills. 2020 has been a grueling year on so many fronts, and a little kindness and an extra effort to connect with the people we care about goes a long way. You don’t need a fancy card or a beautifully penned letter to say “thinking of you;” a ragged-edge piece of notebook paper is just as efficient a carrier of well-wishes, handwritten memories, and a “how are you?”. But if you would like to make your snail-mail missive extra-special during Thinking of You Week, Bas Bleu has you covered.

Fireflies Shadow Box Card
Remind someone special that they light up your life when you surprise them with this LED-equipped 3D card. Fall may be on the horizon, but the lightning bugs on this beauty will linger year-round.

Playful Pansies 3D Cards
We’ll never turn down an armful of fresh flowers, but this pretty pot of purple pansies fits inside an envelope, doesn’t need watering, and won’t trigger allergies. Best of all? It (and your sweet sentiments) will never wilt.

Botanical Stationery
If you have a letter’s-worth of things to say, entrust your words to these blush-colored correspondence cards, which double as beautiful botanical prints. The boxed set includes a “bouquet” of one dozen cards (with envelopes).

Bear Hugs Cards
Missing hugs? Us too! Send the next best thing when you send greetings via these ingenious note cards. Write your note on the bear’s big belly, then fold his arms and legs to “embrace” your message. He’ll hold it tight all along his journey through the mail.

Layered Botanical Cards
At first glance these note cards may look ordinary. But closer inspection reveals intricately laser-cut colored paper, skillfully layered together to create elegant botanical designs. We couldn’t decide between two styles, so we’re offering one of each in a handy two-pack.

InstaCake Card: Let’s Celebrate
When a regular card or letter just won’t do, send cake! Inside this cool “card” are all the fixings needed to make a very small, very festive little cake. You can send it for a birthday or other special occasion, of course, but an out-of-the-blue treat will definitely brighten someone’s day!

Wax Seals
When we spotted these clever little stickers last winter, they immediately earned our seal of approval! Created to mimic the look of old-fashioned wax seals, which for centuries were melted and stamped in place to seal envelopes and documents, our modern version adds a sweet dash of whimsy to your letters.


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