2020 is simultaneously racing and crawling by, which helps explain why we’re already making plans for Christmas while snacking on leftover Halloween candy. But there’s no need to put up the Christmas tree just yet (though we do recommend getting a jump on holiday shopping this year). It is time, however, to order your 2020 Advent calendars from Bas Bleu!

Originating in the fifth or sixth century in western Europe, Advent likely began as a weeks-long period of fasting and preparation leading up to the baptism of new Christians in early January. By the Middle Ages, Advent officially spanned four weeks, covering the four Sundays leading up to Christmas day. The concept of Advent calendars owes its creation to nineteenth-century German Protestants, who counted down the twenty-four days of the season with chalk marks on their doors. By the 1920s, cardboard and paper Advent calendars were being made and sold to consumers.

This year, Advent begins on November 29…which is just three weeks away! You can peruse all of our Advent calendars on our website, but here are few of our very favorites.

Tea Advent Calendar
Begin each day of the Advent season with a delicious, fragrant cup of hot tea! Behind each of the twenty-four “windows” of this Advent calendar you’ll find a single bag of tea—including single-estate teas, herbal infusions, and flavored tea blends—from the France-based Palais des Thés.

Christmas Railway Advent Calendar
There are so many intricate details on this Advent calendar, you’ll need at least twenty-four days to discover them all! Crafted in Germany, the 24″-tall, die-cut calendar resembles a quaint mountain village ringed by a vintage railway.

Holiday House Advent Calendar
The “windows” on this handsome cloth calendar don’t open each day. Rather, they’re little pockets designed to look like the windows of a house; every day, move the (included) cloth Santa doll to the appropriately numbered window. We love that this hanging calendar can be reused year after year…and the pocket windows can be filled with all sorts of little surprises!

Mazet Praline Advent Calendar
Since 1920, French confectionery Maison Mazet has been crafted delectable chocolates and other sweet treats, renowned for their signature pralines made from a four-hundred-year-old recipe. Now you can eat your way through the Advent season: Behind each little window, a sweet treat awaits! (Confession: We already ate the entire first week of Advent…in August.)

Christmas Scenes Silhouette Advent Calendar Cards
Share the joy of the Advent season when you mail these beautiful Advent calendar cards to friends and family. Each card features old-fashioned paper-cut silhouette scenes, with pretty colored backgrounds and twenty-four tiny fold-open doors. Yes, they’re small…but they make a big impression!

Merry Advent Pinata
Our editorial staff has been working from home for most of the year, so when this incredible Advent calendar showed up on our Merchandising Manager’s doorstep, her two children were close at hand…and went wild as soon as their mom removed the piñata from its box! The 14″-tall papier-mâché Christmas tree is decorated with numbered boxes; inside each box is a tiny toy or treat. And a hidden “compartment” in the base of the tree holds an entire cache of fun little gifts for Christmas day! (We learned the hard way that little fingers can make very quick work of this delightful Advent calendar, so hide it well until Advent begins.)


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