The holiday season looks a little different this year: Many of us are curtailing our usual travel plans and reducing the size of our annual family gatherings. Holiday fêtes and office Christmas parties are on hold until next December. And wading into a crush of holiday shoppers in a big-box store is…not very appealing. If you’re wary of venturing out into stores or need to send your holiday gifts via mail this year, Bas Bleu is your one-stop shop for everyone on your gift list. Just check out our 2020 Holiday Gift Guide!

Below, we’ve highlighted one item from each of the gift categories; simply click on the header to see more of our favorite picks on our website. For those hard-to-shop-for folks on your list who seem to have it all, our amazing 2021 Book a Month packages and Bas Bleu gift certificates are always a big hit. If Santa is struggling to find fun stocking stuffers, our elves can help. And remember: Bas Bleu Society members always receive free standard shipping, 15% off books, gift-wrapping services at half price, and special offers via email!

For True Bleu Bibliophiles

“Tea, novels, and Oxford commas”: These are a few of our favorite things! We created this mug exclusively for Bas Bleu’s readers, because we know you also enjoy settling down with a hot brew and a good book…and you appreciate a beautifully written, well-punctuated sentence! We think the mug makes a great gift for English teachers (and English majors), grammar gurus, librarians, and your favorite tea-party host! (Psst, coffee lovers, we haven’t forgotten you. Check back with us in January 2021 for a mug devoted to your favorite things!)

For Nature Lovers

Whether they’re lifelong outdoorspeople or have only recently discovered the joy of a quiet stroll through the woods, this little nature guide is bound to teach them something new! Zoologist and illustrator Marni Fylling identifies dozens of plants and animals commonly found throughout the United States, many coexisting with humans in or around their own yards. The pocket-size book is easy to carry along on neighborhood walks…or on a nature-focused scavenger hunt!

For Curious Kids

Back by popular demand, our Well-Read Kids’ Packs are filled with books, games, puzzles, and toys for kids ages infant to twelve years old: Just pick your pack! The age-appropriate goodies come with their own sturdy tote bag, making them the perfect pick for…babies you want to introduce to books, toddlers with boundless energy, creative and curious early readers, and hard-to-please pre-teens. Or gift one of the packs to a new grandparent or other caregiver who wants to have a stash of fun books and activities on-hand for visits from their favorite little ones.

For Animal Lovers

Cat owners—who are, in practice, more like humans owned by cats—know their favorite felines prefer every day to be all about them. Which makes this daily calendar “cat approved!” A year’s worth of quotations, trivia, cat-care tips, and other fun facts all about cats fill this illustrated 2021 desk calendar. (And yes, we also offer a dog trivia calendar. We are equal-opportunity pet lovers here at Bas Bleu!)

For Know-It-Alls

Some people think “know-it-all” is a pejorative term; we don’t! Know-it-alls are hungry for knowledge about the world and all of the wonderful people, places, and things in it. That know-it-all you know will delight in testing (and showing off) their knowledge of language and literature with this cool game created by Random House’s copy chief, Benjamin Dreyer. One hundred cards present sentences that require correcting and editing…and trust the English majors in our office when we say that’s not as easy as it looks!

For History Buffs

Edward Ball was raised on stories of his illustrious ancestors, a clan of wealthy, influential Southern planters. But though his white family’s history was chronicled in plantation records, letters, and newspapers, Edward wanted to know: What became of the Ball slaves and their descendants? Slaves in the Family is a sweeping, intricately detailed account of one man’s quest for a more complete understanding of his ancestors’ legacy in a nation built on slavery and his journey to meet the Black Americans whose history is entangled with his.

For At-Home Learners and Creators

Remember when your sister said she’s always wanted to learn how to knit? Well, now is the time, when we’re all sticking close to home and looking for new ways to entertain ourselves, broaden our horizons, and keep our minds lively and sharp. The beginner-friendly kit has everything newbies need to learn this handy skill: yarn, knitting needles, a stitch holder, an instruction manual, and more!

For Mask-Wearers

Masks are here to stay, at least for the near future, so we’ve rounded up some good-looking ones to make participating in this vital public-health initiative just a little easier…and a little more fashionable. Be sure to pick up a cute new mask for yourself while you’re at it; you deserve a treat for making a dent in your Christmas shopping!


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