Summer Reading List 2021

photo of open book with fluttering pages sitting beside a swimming pool

The mercury is rising—fast—and now’s the time to stock up on summer essentials. Sunscreen? Check. A cooler full of frosty beverages? Check. A comfy lounge chair? Check. A tall stack of awesome books? Double check! Wherever the summer takes you, Bas Bleu has your reading needs covered…even if you’re staycationing at home. To help you create your summer reading list, our editors have selected a dozen of our favorite picks from our new Summer 2021 edition. Hungry for more? Our Summer Reading Collections offer a whirlwind literary escape—no passport required! And for wee bluestockings celebrating their freedom after the final school bell rings, our Curated Kids Collection provides a summer’s worth of bedtime stories. Continue reading

6 Memorable Gardens in Literature

We’re deep in the heart of spring this month, that time of year when Bas Bleu‘s editors enjoy digging in the dirt, potting colorful flowers, and generally gussying up our green space. But when you’re a reader, there’s no need to pull on gardening gloves or relocate errant earthworms to spend time in a beautiful garden. Simply open a book! In honor of the blooming season, we’re tipping our sunhats to six memorable gardens in literature. Continue reading