Book lovers and cat lovers are often one and the same! Cat owners will know that once you befriend a fabulous feline, you can never separate yourself from them again. Here’s some of our favorite kitty-themed gifts, books, and cards, so you can celebrate the curious creatures in new creative ways.

Cannot Survive on Books Alone Night Shirt

Planning the perfect evening is really quite simple: a good book, a warm purring cat, and this comfy 90% cotton/10% polyester night shirt made for lounging. Curl up by the fire with these evening essentials and you’ve found your survival kit for chilly days and lengthening autumn nights. The heather-gray night shirt is available in sizes S/M, L/XL, and 2X/3X… but you’ll have to supply your own cat! (Printed in the USA on imported materials.)

Basket of Cats Pop-Up Card

A marmalade mama cat struggles to corral her curious kittens in their picnic basket bed on this smile-inducing 3D card. Jot a few lines of greeting on the base of the 6″-tall card, which folds flat to fit inside the included envelope. The recipient need only slide a single tab to watch the feline family unfold, and the rounded base balances the card upright for display.

Love this card… purrfect for [a] friend of mine. –a Bas Bleu customer

Fish and Nips Catnip Toys

Though battered cod and French fries may not be on the menu for your feline companion, our Fish and Nips Catnip Toys are the next best thing! Made in the USA, these 7″-long fabric fish—we are offering a set of two colorful rainbow trout—are filled with catnip (grown without the use of pesticides or chemicals) and make a purrfectly pleasing diversion for your kitty, no matter their culinary preferences.

My sister showed up with Fish and Nips and right now it’s Charlie’s favorite toy. He treats it like a doll, hugging it, but beating it with his back feet. It must be filled with high quality catnip! I’m going to by a couple at Christmas time for my cat friends. -a Bas Bleu customer

Happy Cats Wooden Puzzle Tea Tray

Cats manage to contort themselves into the strangest shapes…and they love squeezing into boxes! Good luck trying to fit these thirteen finicky felines into the open “box” in our 7½”x6″ Happy Cats Wooden Puzzle Tea Tray. It’s more difficult than it looks: Each purr-fectly shaped piece measures about 1″-2″ long, several with tails that prove especially challenging to fit into place. Crafted and hand-finished in Lithuania of high-density fiberboard, the completed puzzle looks very cute on a coffee table or end table. It even doubles as a kitchen trivet or small tea tray for your drink…which your resident cat will probably try to knock over!

This little tray is better made and more useful than it appears in the photo. I use it every day to hold snacks on the the small table next to the reading chair in my bedroom. It always makes me smile! -a Bas Bleu customer

Wanted: Witch’s Cat

by Joy H. Davidson and illustrated by Nikki Slade Robinson

Griselda the witch is in a pickle: She has no cat! All proper witches need a cat, so Griselda does the sensible thing and begins interviewing applicants. Unfortunately, none of those finicky felines fits the bill (one gets broom-sick, another refuses to live with toads and lizards, a third can’t remember spells). Then magical inspiration strikes, and Griselda flies off to the animal sanctuary, where she meets a veteran witch’s cat who tells her “I’m down on my luck…and need a good friend.” Don’t be surprised if your little reader begs to hear this charming Halloween story year-round, bewitched by the illustrated tale of a magical friendship. For ages 3 to 6. (KG)

Black Cats Halloween Pop-Up Card

Our glitter-dusted Black Cats Halloween Pop-Up Card features five ebony pussycats exploring a leaf-strewn pumpkin patch above the message “Happy Halloween!” Pull the tab to watch one cat fly by on a broom!

Literary Cats Pop-Up Cards

The Great Catsby, Alice in Whiskerland, Purride and Prejudice, Romeow and Juliet…. Four classic literary “tails” get the feline treatment on these cute note cards. The front of each 3½”x5″ card presents a gold foil-accented scene featuring cats costumed as famous fictional characters; inside, a 3D version presides over your brief handwritten message. Book lovers, cat lovers, and anyone with a flair for drama will agree: These cards are the cat’s meow! Boxed set of eight cards (two each of four designs) with envelopes.

So many compliments from those who received my notes when I used these fantastic cards! -a Bas Bleu customer

Cat Lavender Sachet Trio

Freshen up your home with our sweet Cat Lavender Sachet Trio. This lovely little boxed set features three 2¾”-square sachets filled with 100% pure French lavender and adorned with a handsome kitty amidst beautiful spring blooms. Toss one in your linen closet, dresser drawer, and suitcase to keep your fabrics smelling clean—and lavender is a natural moth repellent, so no need for pungent mothballs to keep your favorite sweaters safe! (Made in the USA.)

Train Your Human Cards

Ever get the sneaking suspicion that your cat is the one in control? If so, you’ll relate to our beautifully lasercut Train Your Human Cards! Black silhouette cat ears peer out from behind a book titled How to Train Your Human. This set of three blank 5″x5″ cards, made in the UK, are sure to be a hit with your cat-loving friends. Just don’t let your cat know you’re onto him! Extra postage required.

Decoding Your Cat

by the American College of Veterinary Behaviorists

Did you know? Adult cats meow to communicate with humans, not other cats. Unlike dogs, if your feline presents her belly to you, it’s safer not to touch. Cats’ ears are very sensitive to sound, to enable them to avoid predators, so yelling at your tom when he scratches the sofa isn’t productive in the long term. In this straightforward, engaging guide, “the ultimate experts explain common cat behaviors and reveal how to prevent or change unwanted ones.” If you’re adopting your first cat (or kitten), it’s a vital resource to help you prepare yourself and your home. But even if you, like me, have only ever had cats as pets, Decoding Your Cat will teach you a tremendous amount about these fascinating, maddening, wonderful creatures. (KG)

Slowly, but surely, I’m learning what my cats are really thinking! Now if only they’d tell me if they’re Cubs fans…. -a Bas Bleu customer

Kitten Cuddles Cards

Wrap your words of encouragement and affection in a cozy cuddle with our lovable Kitten Cuddles Cards! Simply jot your note onto the 7¾”-tall cat’s belly, then fold her arms and legs to “embrace” your message. What a charming and unique way to send an extra dose of love and whimsy across the miles! The boxed set of twelve note cards includes three each of four affectionate felines, with patterned envelopes.

Both my daughters miss our three cats while at college, do I know they will love to receive these cards next semester. I know several other cat people who will also be cheered to get these in the mail! –a Bas Bleu customer

Little Notes – Cats

Sometimes less really is more! These whimsical little (3½”x2″) cards are just the right size for jotting a short, sweet message to remember. Use them as gift inserts, tuck them into lunch boxes, slip a sentimental keepsake into your partner’s wallet, present a “thank you!” tip to your pet sitter…. Our Little Notes® from e.Frances are also the perfect size for DIY calling cards: Scribble down your phone number, email address, or snail-mail address for a new neighbor or friend. We’re offering three different designs— Cats, Dogs, and Chickadees—each available in a pack of eighty-five cards. And our handmade 2½” Ceramic Holder keeps the cards at the ready on your desk or kitchen counter, a handy stash that’s small in size but big on charm. Sold separately.

Singing Cats Happy Birthday Card

For the friend whose fur babies are everything to them—or for the neighbor who kindly checks on your fur babies when you’re out of town—these chuckle-inducing 5″x7″ pop-up birthday cards will most definitely brighten someone’s big day. A party of pussycats is decked out for celebrating on our Singing Cats Happy Birthday Card, while our Singing Dogs Happy Birthday Card features a rambunctious crew of pups at the dog park. Simply press the button in the upper corner of the card to hear a feline symphony or canine choir meow or bark a birthday tune! A small tab lets you prop up the cute 3D cards for display, and the back of each offers ample space to pen birthday greetings. Card folds flat for mailing in included envelope (extra postage required).

My 4yr old granddaughter has been playing with the card for two days, singing Happy Birthday along w/ the cats. I’m pleased with the purchase-and esp her enjoyment. -a Bas Bleu customer

Christmas Cat Garland 

Cat lovers, add the purr-fect touch to your holiday décor when you deck the halls with our Christmas Cat Garland. Made in England, this festive decoration features ten repeated motifs of a 7″-tall tabby cat wearing a bow and bearing the Christmas pudding to the table…or perhaps he’s stealing it away? Bound together by a holly-red string, the garland stretches nearly ten feet long. (We’re offering a set of two, for a total of twenty cats and almost twenty feet of whimsical cheer.) But take care to hang the garlands high: Your resident cat may be tempted to pounce!

Black Cat Magazine Rack

Although they won’t hesitate to sow chaos in the pantry at 3 a.m., cats are generally very tidy creatures…and just the helpers to corral the magazines strewn about the house. Our 17″x9″x4″ Black Cat Magazine Rack is imported from Spain and crafted of lightweight iron, solid enough to hold its own on the floor beside the sofa but light enough to live atop a side table, desk, or shelf (small rubber “feet” will protect furniture surfaces). Whimsical, elegant, and utilitarian, it’s a fun gift for the feline fancier you know.

Academic Cat Puzzle

Someone’s hitting the books tonight—or else taking a lofty literary nap! This 1,000-piece panoramic puzzle features a brainy-looking black-and-white cat perched high atop a stack of “classic” novels: Les Meowserables, As I Lay Petting, The Adventures of Kittenberry Finn, Lord of the Strings, and more. Measures an impressive 39″x13″ when complete.

Sleeping Kitty Christmas Cards

Worn out from keeping watch for Santa and his reindeer, this handsome chap in his night cap has settled down for a long winter’s nap…but he’s bound to wake up once there’s ribbon to chase and tissue paper to shred! We took one look at this sleepy kitty and knew our cat-loving readers would fall for him just as hard as we did, so we’re offering the illustration on a set of ten 5″x7″ note cards, each with interior message, “Wishing you a peaceful and relaxing holiday.” Envelopes included.

Pawfect Christmas Advent Calendar

It’s an animal lover’s dream: a Christmas village populated entirely by cats and dogs! Our 3D Pawfect Christmas Advent Calendar expands to 11″x29″, revealing festively decorated row houses inhabited by scarf-wearing, Christmas-anticipating furry friends. Numbered windows and doors on the houses and shops (with names like CATZ Café and Paws for a While) open to count down the days until Christmas. The entire “block” props up to sit on a shelf or tabletop, the cute calendar making spirits bright throughout December!

This was a gift for my nephew’s family and it was a very big hit~! Thank you for the always dependable service and quality items~! -a Bas Bleu customer

Meowy Christmas Cards

Send playful Christmas cards to all your cat-loving friends this year! Designed and printed in the UK, this set of eight 4″x6″ assorted holiday cards—featuring two each of four feline-frolicking designs—are blank inside, waiting for your personal touch. Write season’s greetings to your favorite cat lover, share a Christmas pic of your newly adopted kitty, or just write a swooping “Merry Christmas, with love!” and send it on its way. Comes with envelopes made from 100% recycled material.

Brain Games: Find the Cat

Cat owners are used to searching for their favorite felines in the most unlikely places, so put those skills to the test with these hilarious search-and-find challenges! Featuring 129 color photographs from around the world—each of which contains a very sneaky kitty somewhere in the shot—Find the Cat offers a delightful way to hone powers of observation and keep your brain sharp! (The visual puzzles vary in difficulty, and there’s an answer key for the extra-hard ones.) A perfect gift for a cat-loving friend, this unusual book is guaranteed to be a crowd-pleaser at your holiday gathering! (AG)

Purchased for my cat loving, super smart, mother in law, residing in a congregate living apartment. She enjoys it, and says she will start back at page one when she finishes it- some are quite challenging. -a Bas Bleu customer