Family vacations, lazy Sundays, and typical Tuesday nights are about to get a lot more fun! From artistic pursuits that will inspire creativity to timeless children’s pastimes (Cat’s Cradle!) and entertaining yet educational games, these activities will bring amusement (and absolute joy) to the entire family.

Fun with Paper Planes

Andy Chipling

This is the coolest little kit! Included in the snap-close box you’ll find a book with step-by-step instructions for folding sixteen different paper airplane “models,” throwing techniques, and tips for setting up paper airplane competitions; sixty colorfully patterned sheets of 6¼”x8½” paper (with marked and numbered folds); stick-on decals; and a “power launcher” to help your planes take flight. It’s everything aspiring aviators need to have Fun with Paper Planes…and to go soaring through the wild blue yonder! For ages 8 and up.

I sent it as a gift and they said that they loved it. The children are 8 and 11 and are having fun making the paper planes! -a Bas Bleu customer


Great gift to remind the adult to always have fun. -a Bas Bleu customer



Watercolor for Young Artists

Art School Watercolor Kit

For creative souls dreaming of closing the computer and opening the easel, these kits have everything you need to begin watercolor painting. Our Art School Watercolor Kit includes an illustrated instruction booklet outlining several basic techniques, tips for creating special effects (e.g., painting water and sunsets), and a half-dozen projects; eleven tubes of paint; three brushes; twelve watercolor pencils; a paint palette; and ten sheets of watercolor paper. The instruction booklet in Watercolor for Young Artists offers more rudimentary instruction to youngsters ages 8 and up, along with a pad of art paper, ten watercolor paints, six watercolor pencils, three paintbrushes, a sponge, and a pencil sharpener.

The kits are adorable and useful. Fun to have. -a Bas Bleu customer





Tongue-Tied Matchbox Game

You don’t have to be an expert on a topic to talk about it ad nauseam, so kick your chatterbox into high gear and get gabbing! In our Tongue-Tied Matchbox Game, select a card from the stack, then talk about the subject for a full minute—without repetition, hesitation, or deviation from the topic at hand. Get tripped up? The next player in the circle has to take over where you left off, and try to finish out the minute. Whoever is talking when the time is up gets to keep the card, and the player with the most cards at the end of the game wins! Soliloquize about the British monarchy, drone on about venomous animals, and expound upon the benefits of being a girl, all for the win! For two or more players, ages 14 and up.

Loved the game. My family had a hilarious time with it! -a Bas Bleu customer


Clever idea – fun for all age groups. -a Bas Bleu customer




Cat’s Cradle and Eight Other Fantastic String Games

by Elizabeth Encarnacion

Know a clever youngster who’d enjoy creating a Witch’s Broom, the Eiffel Tower, Cat’s Whiskers, and more from a simple piece of string? It’s “knot” complicated thanks to this handy, fully illustrated guide! With the included 60″ cord loop, step-by-step instructions, and a little bit of practice, your little string wizard will be wowing crowds—and entertaining themselves without a screen!—in no time.

Took me back to my childhood days when we were all experts at this pass-time.!!! -a Bas Bleu customer


The beautifully rendered illustrations are unbelievably clear and the instructions easy to follow. I love the colorful, sturdy string included. Since it is a board book, it should last a very long time and perhaps be handed down to future generations in my family. -a Bas Bleu customer





Classic Paperbacks Memory Game

Books make everything better, and that goes for our Classic Paperbacks Memory Game. The boxed set of fifty-two 3″-square cards contains two each of twenty-six cover images by artist Richard Baker, including The Wizard of Oz, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, Naked Lunch, The Portable Thoreau, and Emily Dickinson’s Love Poems. Shuffle the cards, place them facedown in rows, then flip them over two at a time to find the matching pairs. For ages 7 to adult.




Origami and Paper Crafts

Kids can create cute critters, fun toys, delightful decorations, and more with our Origami and Paper Crafts Set. This all-in-one kit includes an instruction booklet as well as scissors, glue, brads, dowels, fishing line, googly eyes, and all the paper needed to construct eighteen different projects, from shadow puppets and origami flowers to a rocket ship and toy cars that really drive. What fun! Ages 8 and up.





Peach Snaps Game

Prepare for a rowdy session of table-slapping, answer-shouting fun when you serve up these “snack-size” games for kids. Avocado Smash is a fast-paced counting game, while Peach Snaps challenges players to match colors, symbols, and numbers. Both card sets are designed to hone youngsters’ powers of observation…while encouraging plenty of lively competition! Each game consists of at least seventy 2¾” cards (with instructions) packaged in a cute fruit-shaped case, for two or more players ages 6 and up.

Grandkids take with them camping -a Bas Bleu customer




Calligraphy for Kids

For the kid obsessed with writing and drawing, our Calligraphy for Kids kit is the perfect intersection! Anyone can learn traditional writing techniques with this comprehensive collection. From Western calligraphy to Chinese characters to Arabic script, your little artist is sure to shine in their Language Arts classes with this gift. Complete with an instruction book, practice pad, calligraphy marker, Chinese watercolor brush, ink stick and stone, bamboo pen, bottle of ink, and a skein of thread.




After Dinner Amusements – Family Time

These tiny (2½”-square) tins each feature fifty cards with thoughtful conversation starters. Family Time brings the generations closer together with prompts like “Describe your family in five words.” Play them at a party or serve them up with an evening meal.

From 7 to 70 we enjoyed this conversation starter in the Great Smokey Mountains -a Bas Bleu customer


Great fun for the whole family, testing the ability to think and express feelings within the group. -a Bas Bleu customer




Create Art Like Famous Artists Kit

Imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, but inspiration is the name of the game with this cool kit. Rather than teaching kids how to copy great works of the masters, our Create Art Like Famous Artists Kit presents a little bit about iconic artists and their signature techniques, then lays out a kid-friendly art project inspired by each artist that encourages youngsters’ imaginations. Crafts include experimenting with different drawing tools to create a personalized take on Degas’s famous dancers, using textiles to assemble a brightly colored landscape like Kandinsky, and gluing together beans and lentils into a mosaic like the ones discovered in Pompeii. The book includes nineteen creative projects and is packaged with art board, colored craft paper, colored tissue paper, three oil pastels, one pencil, a black marker, one tube of acrylic paint, six watercolor paint pans (with palette), two paintbrushes, one piece of chalk, a sponge, children’s scissors, scalloped-edge craft scissors, a glue stick, and three pipe cleaners. For ages 8 and up.

Creative and educational well received -a Bas Bleu customer


DIY Candle Making Kit

Brighten the long, dark days of winter with the warm glow of candlelight…from candles you make yourself! Imported from Montreal, our DIY Candle Making Kit contains the materials to make four 6-ounce scented candles: 100% soy wax flakes, four clear glass jars with screw-on lids, cotton wicks with securing stickers and clothespins, mixing sticks, two jars of fragrance (woodsy Cypress and Fig and softly floral Honeyfig and Ginger), and an instruction booklet. (You’ll need a Mason jar or other glass container in which to melt the wax.) Not a master crafter? Not a problem! Beginners will shine in this DIY project, though younger makers will need an adult’s assistance. What cozy fun!