How well do you know Bas Bleu? This trivia quiz will reveal how much you know about our history, our processes, and exactly what makes us unique! Scroll through when you’re done for the correct answers, as well as additional resources.

When did the catalog come to life?

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Eleanor Edmondson founded Bas Bleu in 1994, launching the company from Atlanta, Georgia. She wrote every word of copy in our first catalog and packed and posted every order herself!

Where does the name "Bas Bleu" come from?

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"Bas Bleu" translates as "bluestocking," and refers to learned mid-eighteenth-century women (and men) who gathered in the great salons of London for intellectual conversation and witty banter. This literary salon "enjoyed society in undress"-- that is, in their more practical country clothing, most notably their blue worsted stockings in place of formal silk stockings.

What do the initials at the end of our book reviews mean?

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All of our catalog copy is written by our editors. The initials identify the review's writer, a reminder that the folks in our editorial office are real, avid readers...just like you!

Where do your Bas Bleu packages come from?

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Whether you place your Bas Bleu orders by phone, web, or mail, all of your purchases are carefully packed and shipped to you by our warehouse team in Hudson, Ohio. Our warehouse employees are essential members of the Bas Bleu team, critical to the success of our company and to the satisfaction of our customers. The next time you open a box from us, rest assured knowing it was packed not by a robot, but by a valued member of the Bas Bleu family.

How can you get help with your order?

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You can reach us just about anywhere! Our call center sits nestled at the heart of our company headquarters in Hudson, Ohio. Unlike some retailers, we don't want to make it difficult for our customers to get in touch with us. Want to place an order? Call us! Have a question? Call us! Did we get something wrong? Call us! (We'll do our best to make it right.) Our Facebook, Instagram, and blog chat platforms are monitored during business hours. No matter what, you'll be able to speak personally with a Bas Bleu worker.

What is the Bas Bleu Society?

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The Bas Bleu Society includes member benefits such as free shipping, 15% discounts on our books, exclusive promotions, half-priced gift wrapping, and 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

How do we choose books for each catalog?

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Our editors are always on the lookout for books we think you’d like, perusing magazine and newspaper book reviews, exploring recommendations from friends and customers, browsing local libraries and used bookstores, even skimming authors’ and book lovers’ blogs, Facebook posts, and Twitter threads. One essential resource for us is the publishing industry itself, staffed by passionate bibliophiles who spend their days creating and promoting books. We’re in contact with our publisher sales reps throughout the year who know what Bas Bleu readers love and are able to offer us an amazing variety of personalized recommendations.

How do we choose gifts for each catalog?

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Just like we have sales reps at publishing houses around the country, we have sales reps at companies devoted to stationery, jewelry, apparel, tableware, stuffed animals, puzzles, games, tote bags, calendars, and more. Those reps work with us year-round to find the items we think you’ll like best. They send us product catalogs and samples, and occasionally even ask our opinion on new items while they’re still in development. But sometimes, we just have to go shopping!

Can your writing be published by Bas Bleu?

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Absolutely! We love hearing from readers of all kinds, and we're always open to new ideas. That's why we publish Reader Reviews in our catalogs, so you can read suggestions from fellow bluestockings. We've also opened our blog to submissions, so we can read and publish even more of your writing-- from personal essays to bibliophilic poems to bookish thought-pieces. Check out our Submissions page in the blog header, or write a Reader Review from the link in our website footer.

Bas Bleu couldn't exist without what?

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We wouldn't be here today without thoughtful readers like you!

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